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Go from Text to Video in minutes!

Unleash the power of AI Avatars to elevate your content game

We are Hippo Video

And, Hippos are on a mission to help businesses unleash customer engagement, leveraging the true potential of authentic and real videos. We enable businesses to engage and collaborate with their customers, employees, and stakeholders through personalized videos.

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Why Video

Why Now

Why Hippo Video

  • Prospects want personalized reach outs that are unique to them
  • Gartner has reported Video Messaging as a critical tool to engage and qualify prospects
  • Hubspot has also seen 4x more opportunities with video messaging
  • According to another study, 59% executives prefer watching video over reading text - Wordstream

People remember

10% of what they hear

50% of what they see and hear - Video

90% of what they see, hear and do - Interactive Video

Reality of Sales in 2023

Reduced budgets

Uncertain economy

Most meetings are remote

Infinite prospecting noise

Leading to . . .

Expectation of higher sales efficiency

Lower salestech budgets

Engagement is harder

Difficult to stand out

  • AI powered interactive Video CX platform enables sales reps to craft personalized videos to 500s of prospects within minutes
  • Videos result in Higher response rates resulting in more pipeline which in turn Improves rep efficiency massively
  • Increase engagement throughout the sales cycle → improve win rate remarkably

Make more videos. In less time. With fewer resources.

Hippo Video’s Generative AI, pre-built templates, and video-enabling and personalization features change the way sellers and buyers connect, engage and build relationships.

Our real-time video analytics help you understand the prospect’s true intent and gain insights.

Features that help you make professional-looking videos for every stage and use case.

Use these insights to supercharge your engagement throughout the customer journey with interactive and highly personalized videos.

Make your prospects say ‘I do.’ Like from the get-go.

100+ Hippos are always at work to make video making simple!

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Hippo Video and Vengreso Partner To Power Virtual Selling With Video for B2B Sales Teams

NEWARK, Del., Sept 21,2021/PRNewswire/ -- Hippo Video the world interactive video customer experience platform, is teaming up with largest digital sales training & technology orgainization,....

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Hippo Video Launches 'Template Builder' to Increase Video Adoption in Enterprise Companies

Video CX Platform Hippo Video just launched their latest feature - Template Builder - to help sales reps 'templacise' video creation, using pre-set, brand-approved videos that can be used as templates....

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Hippo Video's new feature helps automate actions from Hubspot & boosts productivity

NEWARK, Del., May 6,2021/PRNewswire/ -- Hippo Video, a leading video CX Platfrom,has rolled out its latest feature based on Hubspot's custom workflow actions API so customers can efficiently automate across both....

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