Our Story

One of our co-founders, Karthi Mariappan was looking for a video solution for his team. He couldn’t find one that served the purpose - fight churn.

Prolonged resolution times, Poor onboarding, Inability to communicate product value were primary reasons for churn. This resulted in draining the morale of both the support agents and customers. Being a customer’s manager, he saw video was a real solution to Customer Support and Customer Success.
There are plenty of video tools in the market. But there isn't one for fighting churn. Video solutions available are also complex and take a lot of time to even create and edit videos. They are expensive as well.

Karthi Mariappan S

Co-Founder & CEO

Our Support

Changing the world of videos forever, for the better.


The Team

Karthi Mariappan

Product strategist and a Customer’s manager with over a decade of experience in Zoho.

Srinivasan S

Data scientist, Technologist, ‘Search’ solutions expert and the go-to ‘Problem solver’.

Nilam Chand

Technical Architect, Full stack expert who built a cloud spreadsheet from scratch; a techie with high attention to detail.