5 sales leaders share their secrets to successful remote working for sales professionals

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Imagine this.

You are working as a sales representative. The clock just ticked six and you have wrapped up the work for that day. You look at the daily task sheet just to confirm that every task in it has been struck off. 

You shut your laptop, keep it in the office bag and start walking towards the lift after waving your hand to your coworkers.  

You reach the lift, press  the parking lot floor and it starts descending as your mind rewinds the things that happened on that day. 

The open rate for your emails is on a spike. The demo with that long-followed prospect went well. That meeting with that client couldn’t have found a better end.  Overall, you ended the day on high with a satisfied sigh! 

You start the car and leave the office building. Your face has a curve that stretches ear to ear and your eyes look determined for the upcoming day.

Uber-productive days like these are what makes us show up at work  every day and motivation is what helps us witness more days like these. 

But things have changed over a couple of months. You are not going to the office every day and the line that used to separate  home and office has suddenly vanished.  

And remote working has already become a norm in today’s business scenario and teams are expected to deliver the same results working remotely. 

But remote working is not new to any of us. In fact, we all might have opted it for a day or two in our careers. But, what’s new here is this extensive period of remote working that none of us has experienced or anticipated!  

Unfortunately, there are no playbooks to get things to work just like before and delivering the same results is seemingly difficult but it’s not impossible. All it takes is a little innovation and learning things from the people who have been there and done that.  

That is exactly why we are bringing these motivational tips from the sales thought leaders, marketing experts and business champions. 

Tip 1: It’s not all about work!

We all know about Jeffrey Gitomer’s transforming sales tips. As the world has already adopted remote working, we asked what are his best tips for people working from home. This time around Jeffrey has some personal tips that go a long way in professional life.

➡ Write down what you are certain of and prioritize. This gives clarity and helps you act better 

➡ Your actions can put yourself in the helping position only when you act with clarity

➡ In times like these, small changes (as small as washing hands regularly) are making a big difference

Watch this short but immensely helpful clip from this sales thought leader to help yourself, your family and your business.

Watch the video here:

This is the time you should help yourself first so that you can help your family, your business, and your community. 

Tip 2: Start your day like this – 

Morgan J Ingram has been working from home for more than three years now. Here are the things that have been working for him to stay motivated and productive all this while. His secret is that he starts his day like this. 

➡ Pre-defined morning routine 

➡ A 5-minute visualization exercise

➡ And, a daily workout session (after all, it’s not all about work!)

Watch the video here:

We all are facing, probably, the hardest phase in our careers to stay positive, productive, and get the daily tasks done. 

Tip 3: How to adapt yourself to the changed work environment?

Amy Franko, the author of The Modern Seller, talks about the ways sales and marketing people can adapt to their new work environment.

➡ Focus on the high-value activities that have proven to work for you

➡ Stick to a workout routine every day

➡ Involve in some kind of movement that keeps your energy levels up

Watch the video here:

You might be a salesperson who is used to meeting prospects face-to-face or a business owner who likes to work out of your office desk. But it is high time to adapt, improvize and stay in your sales game as if nothing has changed. 

Tip 4: Where to sit? 

Dipak Vadera is an international sales speaker and a sales enthusiast. Here is what keeps him stay focused and motivated throughout the day. 

➡ Sit at a place where you feel more focused 

➡ Follow simple and effective communication measures over video calls with your colleagues, 

➡ And, spend your short-breaks doing something that reinstates your motivation throughout the day 

Watch the video here:

There are no transforming big leaps but it is simple steps that always make a bigger impact on your overall productivity levels. 

Tip 5: How to deliver high?

Marcus Chan has built his sales empire while working remotely. With 5+ years of selling and training teams remotely, Marcus sheds light on the ways you can stay productive and deliver high each day. 

Here are his tips for remote working sales teams. 

➡ Make sure you have a plan for each hour of the day and try to stick to that plan

➡ Allocate a specific time each day for tasks that come as ad-hock and priorities

➡ Utilize video communication rather than telecommunication to connect with your team or prospects 

Watch the video here:

It’s extremely important for salespeople to look professional. Try to show that not just in your attire but also in your surroundings as well. 

These tips are coming from those people who have a fair experience in handling business scenarios similar to the current conditions and a flair for keeping their sales and marketing teams motivated in all situations. Hope they will help you stay productive and stay safe. 

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