7 Ways To Supercharge Your Sales Funnel With Videos

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Whether you’re in marketing or sales, whether you like it or not, you’ve got to have a video strategy in place.


Research shows that video can help triple the response rate to emails, and also close 41% more deals. Video is also the closest alternative to face-to-face interaction, making the conversation more genuine, memorable, and helps to build trust with your prospects early.

Why video for sales

Video vs Text emails. Videos win. They are more interesting, fun, and faster to process. Why video emails are better than text emails, learn here.

Visual appeal

The human brain retains images faster than text. When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

 It is our tone that communicates the message better than the mere use of words, making video the most effective method of communication.

Source : Hubspot 

The human element

Sales is not B2C or B2B, it is Human2Human and video leverages that. Video cannot hide expressions, gestures, and emotions – it’s a great way of forming an authentic relationship with your prospects.

Using videos in the sales process

Dan Tyre, Sales Director at Hubspot during the recent Limitless Podcast, noted that the biggest impediment to video adoption is the thought people have about how expensive video production can be – that it takes a volley of the crew, studio, and equipment to produce a video message.

This myth has been busted with the availability of several video hosting platforms that allows you to record, edit, and send videos before you know it all happened. 

This cannot be more true. There are a number of inexpensive video tools in the market that not only helps you record a video in a flash but also work seamlessly inside your CRM.

Assuming you use Hubspot for your organization, tools like Hippo Video, Loom, or Bomb Bomb can simply pair easily inside your sequences or follow-up emails to let you create entirely personalized video messages. 

Video can literally be used in every stage of your sales cycle as each stage requires human interaction. You can incorporate video in outreach, pitches, demos, follow up emails,  thank you emails, even use it post a meeting to recap the key points.

This one change will add that personalized ‘it’ factor your sales process desperately needs to stand out of the clutter.

videos in sales funnel

Prospecting phase

Goal: Kick-off a relationship

Most positively impacted by video

At this stage, you could be indulging in cold outreach, or it might be an email to someone who has come through your marketing funnel and knows your company by name. The objective at this stage is to simply start a relationship. The prospecting phase is where you see the maximum benefit of the video in emails as it truly grabs the attention of the prospect in that messy, overflowing inbox. The message at this point should cover the following questions:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell them why you are reaching out
  • Provide immediate value
  • Ask a question that prompts a response

Types of Videos you can use

1. The Whiteboard

Using a whiteboard with the name of the prospect and questions is a great and simple way to personalize your video. Research shows, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

So using a thumbnail with you holding up the name of the prospect on a whiteboard is sure to improve your chances of clicks.  Interested in personalizing your videos? Learn more here.

2. The Website Scroll

Say you provide digital marketing services. How about a screen share video as you talk about the prospects website, point out what you would change and why, and offer tips to increase conversion? When a prospect sees his company’s website on your thumbnail, he is immediately intrigued. 

3. The LinkedIn Profile


A video with a prospect’s LinkedIn profile can be a great way to get their attention and also maybe talk about something you have in common with them – like that course you did or the school you went to. This is a great way to make the video about them instead of babbling on about yourself, your product, and why it is the best thing to happen to them today.

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Discovery phase

Goal: Build a rapport, get to know them better

At this stage, your lead is familiar with you and has shown interest. You want to now get on a call or book a first meeting with them to understand if there’s a fit.

4. Follow-up Videos

A follow-up video is a good way to remind your lead about the last conversation and recap what was discussed to ensure you are on the same page.

You could add a tinge of humor or share important information in case the prospect has gone dark. Make sure you clearly define the next steps and call-to-action so that you are both aligned on what happens next.

Pro-tip: Leave them with a quick hack that can help solve their problem partially. Add value to without expecting anything in return and more importantly, don’t be pushy.

Nurture phase

Goal: deep dive into goals and challenges and provide resources that can help

5. Social Proof Video


As the prospect enters the decision-making phase, use resources like testimonials, ebooks, and articles to keep them engaged and ensure they don’t fall out of the sales funnel, and further deepen your relationship. Use screen share format to talk through an important case study and summarize key points for them.

Proposal phase

Goal: Close the deal

6. Contract Walkthrough Video


At this stage, a video can be a great way to set expectations and talk about the key points from the contract, especially the numbers. This approach is especially beneficial when the prospect’s company has multiple stakeholders and the video can simply be shared with them. It also ensures things move faster. The webcam + screen share video is a good approach to follow at this stage.

Post-sales phase

Goal: Transition to post-sales smoothly

Duration: <40 seconds

7. Thank you Video

Saying thank you is a great way to further your relationship with the prospect and also gives a good window to share information around what to expect next.

You could also use this as an opportunity to introduce them to their new point of contact in post-sales, who can also be a part of this video, completing the loop for you.

This checklist is just the tip of the iceberg. Video can be as integral a part of your sales strategy as you want it to be. You could create an auto-responder video message if someone books a meeting with you via your website.

Introduce them early to your sales rep and start the conversation literally at the get-go.

Use reminder emails to share fun facts or relevant information with prospects who have gone dark. Use their social media updates to start new conversations.

Videos are a great way to build trust and indeed a relationship because the customer can see a living, breathing person on the other side of the camera. Use that power to supercharge your Sales Funnel.

video in sales funnel