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  A content strategist at Hippo Video and a communication specialist who is passionate about building content and business network.


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HubSpot video integration|Elevate your sales & marketing with videos inside HubSpot

Whether you’re in marketing or in sales, you can no longer ignore the use of video to engage with prospects and leads in a...
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Videos For and Inside Your Salesforce | Salesforce Video Integration

Since 1999, Salesforce has remained one of the largest cloud-based tools helping businesses manage customer relationships better and improve productivity. Fast forward 20 years,...
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Text vs Video: Why Video Emails are Driving More Sales

It’s hard to argue against the impressive efficiency of email marketing. According to Campaignmonitor, the 4400% ROI speaks for itself. With the number of...
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Working from home: These are the 8 tools you need

In a fortnight, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has gone on to become a pandemic disrupting normalcy in many parts of the world sparing no place in...
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Best Sales Influencers To Follow In 2020

As sales professionals, you’re probably already well aware that the key to being successful lies in one’s willingness to open their minds and learn...
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Cold Email Templates To Get 3x Response Rates

Cold emailing is harder because of two reasons: for one, you don’t have a prior relationship with the prospect, two: you can’t modify your...
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Everything you need to know about SDR-AE Handoff

What is a lead hand-off process? When a lead or prospect moves forward in the sales funnel, the Sales Development Rep (SDR), who prospected,...
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7 Things to Not Say During a Discovery Call

Discovery call – a revelation about your prospect : In the world of sales, a discovery call sets the stage for an SDR who...
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Prospecting Best Practices for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social media tools for sales reps, especially in the B2B sector. But to be successful and to close...
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Email outreach personalization tips to increase response rates

Learn how adding videos to your emails can increase open and response rates.
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