Making Salesforce adoption easy for your sales teams

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Amy Oplinger Singh is a senior consultant at the Crevalle Group. She is an expert in Salesforce end-user training. She has a wealth of experience across different industries of different sizes, and she is also one of the well-known speakers of Dreamforce. Needless to say, she is the best person to talk about today’s topic – Making Salesforce adoption easy for your sales teams.

Amy was featured on our Limitless Webinar series on Mar 24, 2020.

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Question: How can we make Salesforce easy?

Once we are building with the end-user in mind, all of these things will kind of come into place. You got your processes in order. You have a consultant there that can translate your thoughts of these into Salesforce functionality and your consultant is working with the end-users to find out what they do their job and how they can automate certain parts of the end-users job. 

Question: What is an Adoption Dashboard?

So that management still gets the data that it needs. But your salespeople can be what they're there for and that's the self. Oftentimes KPI measurements for sales targets are in place. However, the management when they get Salesforce might not have an idea of adoption. So just the same way that you can measure but you want to put on target for yourself people you can set a target for adoption and your implementer your admin can set up an adoption dashboard when you're trying to impart to your end-users important Salesforce with is. 

You can take a look at this adoption dashboard and keep track of the people that are using the system you can see very quickly and easily where Salesforce is working, who is not working it, and so forth. 

Question: What are the guidelines for Change management communication?

Amy: Change management is very important. You can't epic fail for a team. You can't just go in and change people's jobs and not tell them right. So most companies have a release schedule. They have good communication around that oftentimes when a release happens, a communication or a lunch and learn takes place. That's what I would recommend that the interested or the affected parties join the lunch and learn. That's a great way to communicate change management. 

Question: How to communicate the limitations of certain out-of-the-box Salesforce features? 

Amy: You have to understand who you're talking to. Oftentimes I find that when a user is asking for something. It helps to not be very technical because if I say well that's just a limitation of out-of-the-box Salesforce often times that that's okay with them or conversely if they push on that then I would get an estimate from my developer as to how much that would cost and that's pretty clear for most people so I try not to get into the weeds. Like, oh the OWD is private looking fly and that meant I try not to get into that level at all of the explanation with an end-user. I just tried to tell them that you know Salesforce. Well, it is a great tool. It does have some limitations, but I would be happy to talk with the developer to find out the cost and level of effort to implement this request. Typically. That's a good answer for most people. 

Question: How do you get the users to capture a sales activity right after a meeting?

Amy: It depends on your salespeople. So a lot of people are and how you're kind of into if you're inside sales at the rapid kind of day. Most inside sales reps I know are taking those madly like crazy and you'll see that entered at the end of the day again, I would have to take a look. I would recommend taking a look at your process and your training and maybe having a kind of hey. Ideal day and an ideal way you should handle conversations of your contacts. 

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