Benefits of integrating videos in your Email Marketing Campaigns

Benefits of integrating videos in your Email Marketing Campaigns

It has been proven time and again that no other marketing medium can communicate as effectively as videos. Thus, it was just a matter of time that the consumption of online videos gained tremendous momentum. Now, many marketers agree that videos help them achieve a better result in their campaigns! 

According to Statista, the total amount spent on video advertisement in the United States accounted for over 24.5 billion U.S dollars in 2019, with the figure projected to double by the end of 2022. It shows a wider acceptance of video content in paid advertising and how videos positively affect your campaigns. With so much digital content present online, it has become increasingly necessary to reach subscribers with material that captures their attention and keeps them interested for as long as possible.

It is the reason users today prefer to view their content in the form of videos, as opposed to static texts and even images. Videos are a more attractive interactive format, with a combination of audio, images, colors; all of this together create an environment that lets you connect with the public at a deeper level. Videos are a great way to improve your visual communication and communicate the right kind of messages to your customers.

Video has become one of the most significant ways to connect with your consumers in the digital world, and it is best-rated as the king of content marketing. We recommend that you get onboard with inculcating videos in your campaigns along with other marketers and become a part of this overwhelming trend!

In addition to helping you reach a wider audience, Videos on the internet, according to statistics, have a 58% success rate of reaching a younger audience than advertisements on TV. If your product/service caters to the younger audience, videos can serve as a valuable asset in influencing parents’ buying decisions.  

Videos in your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Email Marketing is surely one of the most profitable ways to reach out to your customers. Combining videos and emails, the two most formidable weapons turn your email campaigns into an ultimate weapon of mass sales. Let’s look at some of the points on why including videos in your email campaigns make sense – 

  • Increased open rates

Studies have found that just by including the word “video” in your subject line is enough to have a positive impact on your email open rates by 7% to 13%

Adding the word “video” to the subject line piques the reader’s interest, compelling them to find out what the video has to offer? Or when put in simple words they want to know what’s inside the video?

Now you must be thinking how is this possible? 

Psychologists agree and they reason that people are naturally curious beings leading to this increase in the open rates. 

  • Increased reach and visibility: Through greater social media shares  

The more people your business can reach, the more sales you can make, and with increased sales, you are guaranteed good profits. And profit is the ultimate goal of any business.

In addition to being super attractive and captivating, videos can be moulded, and curated to match any objective you might have. From promotional campaigns to video tutorials to brand celebrations videos are the right way to reach your set objective and win at your goals.

Whether you want to retain your subscribers, increase your sales or welcome a new lead, videos can be a great way to achieve these objectives, thanks to its great versatility

When you include videos in your email campaigns, there is a higher chance of getting recognition on social media, hence reaching a broader audience. Videos generate 12x more social shares than any other form of content.

  • Stay longer in the minds of your subscribers

 From research, it has been found out that humans usually retain 10% of what they read or hear, interestingly, they retain 50% of what they see.

From the findings above, it is evident that visual information is much more effective than reading a text, and if you want your Subscribers to remember your message, adopting this approach will bring enormous results.

One of your main objectives, of every business, is to make a brand presence in the minds of your customers or potential buyers. You must find a way into their heart, videos help in retaining your brand in the mind of your prospects when making a purchase decision

Each subscriber is different and you want to understand their habits of going through inboxes too. One way to do so is by sending them emails at their preferred time. 

If you want to be remembered more, add a short video to your Email Marketing Campaigns,  and since humans are inclined to remember 50% of what they view, you have strong guarantees that your subscribers will never forget you!

  • Increase Conversions & CTR

According to a study carried out by eMarketer, the use of videos in Email Marketing Campaigns increases the CTR by up to 55%.

In addition, it can increase the time spent by your subscribers while interacting with your emails, by up to 44% and the chances increase by 41% that this content will be shared on Social Networks.

We all need fact checks and a day of perfect bliss, this is what videos will do for you. With 41% chances of your business being shared on social media, you get a dozen free advertisements from your customers, without paying an extra fee for it. 

Including videos in your email campaigns reduces your unsubscribe rates by 75%

  • Increase the virality of your pieces

If your goal is to excite & engage your subscribers, empathize with them or even make them laugh with your content, video is the best way to achieve this goal.

This format is much more likely to be shared than others, owing to its ability to reach the innermost fibers of consumers and when you do this right, you can hit a goldmine. Customers are quick to share products with friends and family, especially when products give them the satisfaction they desire. 

This word of mouth advertisement is one of the greatest secrets to a successful business. Another reason that tilts favourably in this direction is trust, people are 80% likely to buy products recommended by persons they trust and love. So, ensure to include videos in your email campaigns and micro-target them using autoresponders

Furthermore, 90% of the videos that are shared succeed in moving  users in a funnel and ultimately lead to a purchase, so utilize your creativity and share the best stories to your subscribers through your email campaigns, with fascinating and breathtaking videos.The results will wow you!

  • Videos help you build customer loyalty 

There is nothing as beautiful as having a loyal customer base, this will accelerate your business growth and of course, keep you in business for a long time. Video marketing is one of the best ways you can achieve brand loyalty from your customers. 

“It is better to have a hundred people who love your product, than a thousand people who like it”. – Jeff Bezos

Video will not only be useful to attract new customers but also help you achieve greater engagement with your subscribers, these subscribers are your loyal customers and in Jeff’s words “They are your partners that love your business, they are your greatest assets and so you must build loyalty with them.”

Content marketing is the perfect strategy to retain your subscribers, but if you also use a format that enhances the interest of your contacts, like video, you will break all barriers and keep them for a lifetime.

Video marketing will differentiate you from your competition.

Being able to offer your customers an added value above what your competitors provide, will position you in a much-privileged place, this is a place of trust and loyalty, and once you get here, your business will skyrocket.  

Despite all the benefits that come with incorporating videos into your Email Marketing Campaignssome companies are yet to take advantage of this fabulous tool.

For you who is about to tap from this goldmine, it is your chance to get ahead of others and get that lead advantage! And there is a reward that comes with setting the pace, you will always take the lion’s share and once you acquire this status, it will be difficult for your competitors to match the value that you already offer.

  • Video Marketing will increase traffic to your website

If you insert a truly interesting and attractive video into your email campaign, the chances that your subscribers will visit your site enhances enormously, and with more visibility, prospects to make a sale increases rapidly.

Video is a great resource to drive traffic to your website, which will in turn, lead to better SEO positioning and greater chances of increasing your conversions.

Let’s wrap up!

If you are looking to create effective Email Marketing Campaigns, with surprising CTRs, the first thing you should do is subscribe yourself to amazing tools like HippoVideo to captivate the attention of all your subscribers.

Inculcate the videos in your emails, and you will be amazed by your results.