The Best Way to Collect Customer Feedback Using Video

The Best Way to Collect Customer Feedback Using Video

Learn how you can revolutionize the way you collect customer feedback using video.

Video has emerged as a dominant medium in today’s digital landscape. 55% of consumers prefer to watch a video over reading text. With the increasing popularity of video as a means of communication, businesses can leverage this medium to collect valuable customer feedback.

In the past, traditional methods of collecting feedback involved sending emails or questionnaires, which often required time and effort from customers. However, the landscape has evolved, and people now seek engaging and efficient ways to provide feedback. Video offers a visually captivating experience while streamlining the feedback process, making it faster and easier for customers to participate.

In this blog, we will explore innovative ways to harness the power of videos to effortlessly collect customer feedback. By incorporating video into your feedback collection strategies, you can enhance customer engagement, improve response rates, and gather more insightful feedback. Join us as we delve into the techniques that will revolutionize the way you collect feedback, making the process enjoyable for customers and valuable for your business.

Why is it Essential to Use Video to Gather Customer Feedback?

The use of video as a tool for collecting customer feedback can provide businesses with several advantages.

a. Capturing Authenticity

Video allows customers to express themselves naturally, capturing their genuine emotions and experiences. It adds a personal touch to their feedback, making it more authentic and valuable, thereby providing a more comprehensive understanding of customer needs and expectations. It also allows for more detailed responses from customers, which can be difficult to achieve through text-based feedback. 

b. Engaging and Memorable

Video is a dynamic and engaging medium that holds attention and leaves a lasting impression. It provides a unique opportunity to create a memorable feedback experience for customers.

c. Non-Verbal Cues and Emotions

Video captures not only words but also non-verbal cues like facial expressions and body language. These cues provide deeper insights into customer emotions and sentiment, enhancing our understanding of their feedback.

d. Enhanced Communication

Videos enable customers to convey their feedback in a more comprehensive and expressive manner compared to text-based feedback. It allows for clearer communication of ideas, suggestions, and concerns.

e. Builds trust and transparency

Video feedback is a great way to build trust and transparency with customers. By providing a platform for customers to express their views and opinions, businesses can show that they value and take into account their feedback.

f. Easily shareable

Video feedback can be shared across various channels, such as social media platforms, company websites, and email marketing campaigns, providing a wider reach to more consumers. Furthermore, it can be used as a tool for marketing and promoting products and services.

Ways to use video to collect customer feedback

With a video platform, you have multiple ways to collect customer feedback:

a. Reply with video CTA

Utilizing the “Reply with Video” call-to-action (CTA) is a powerful approach to collecting customer feedback. By incorporating this CTA within your video, customers can simply click on it to record a video where they can express their thoughts and opinions about your services or products. This method allows customers to authentically articulate their experiences and emotions, providing a genuine and unfiltered testimonial.

The advantage of encouraging customers to reply with video is that it captures their feedback in their own words, enabling them to convey their unique perspectives and insights. This approach fosters a sense of ownership and engagement, as customers feel empowered to share their feedback in a way that resonates with them personally.

Furthermore, the videos received through this “Reply with video” CTA can be easily shared within your team, allowing everyone to gain valuable insights directly from the customers themselves. Additionally, these videos can be repurposed as customer testimonials, offering viewers an authentic and emotional portrayal of the customer experience.

By implementing the “Reply with video” CTA, you open the door to a richer and more comprehensive understanding of your customers’ feedback. It encourages them to provide detailed and meaningful insights, which can inform your business decisions and drive continuous improvement. Embrace the power of video feedback and unlock a wealth of authentic customer perspectives that will help your business thrive.

b. Incorporating Interactive CTAs

Harnessing the power of interactive videos with strategically placed call-to-actions (CTAs) can revolutionize the way you collect customer feedback. By seamlessly integrating interactive elements and CTAs within your videos, you create an engaging experience that prompts customers to take specific actions, such as rating their satisfaction or sharing additional comments.

One effective approach is to incorporate custom polls within the video itself. These polls can feature questions like, “Was this video useful to you?” or “How would you rate our service on a scale of 1–5?” This interactive feature allows customers to provide quick and immediate feedback while also providing valuable insights into the usefulness of your product or service as well as the effectiveness of your video content.

An image from Hippo Video showing how sales reps can use custom polls to collect customer feedback using video.

By strategically placing CTAs within your video, you guide customers towards providing feedback and sharing their thoughts. These CTAs serve as prompts for customers to take action, whether it’s rating their experience, leaving comments, or providing suggestions. This active engagement not only enhances participation but also empowers customers to share their opinions and contribute to the improvement of your offerings.

Interactive videos with CTAs offer a two-fold benefit. Firstly, they enable you to gather valuable feedback and insights directly from your customers, allowing you to understand their preferences, pain points, and areas for improvement. Secondly, they provide customers with a sense of involvement and ownership, as their feedback directly influences your business decisions.

By leveraging the interactive capabilities of video, you create an immersive and dynamic feedback collection process that goes beyond traditional methods. Embrace the power of interactive video with CTAs and unlock a wealth of customer insights that will drive continuous improvement and enhance the overall customer experience.

Benefits of Collecting Customer Feedback with Video

As we have already mentioned in the beginning of the blog, using video to collect feedback from customers have numerous benefits. Let’s look at each of them in detail:

a. Enhanced Engagement and Personalization

Video feedback creates a more engaging and personalized experience for customers, increasing their willingness to participate and provide detailed insights.

b. Richer and More Authentic Feedback

Video captures the tone, emotions, and body language of customers, providing a richer and more authentic representation of their feedback compared to text-based responses.

c. Improved Understanding of Customer Emotions and Experiences

Video allows businesses to better understand customer sentiments and experiences through visual cues, leading to more targeted improvements and enhanced customer satisfaction.

d. Enhanced Trust and Credibility

Utilizing video testimonials as customer feedback builds trust and credibility, as potential customers can see and hear real customers sharing their positive experiences.

e. Collect valuable analytics

One of the significant benefits of using video to collect customer feedback is the valuable insights derived from video analytics. When incorporating custom polls into your videos, you not only gather feedback but also gain access to valuable data and analytics. This data provides deep insights into customer opinions and preferences, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to improve your offerings. By analyzing the responses to custom polls, you can gauge the number of customers who share similar opinions on your videos or services. This allows you to identify common trends and patterns, helping you understand what resonates with your audience and what areas may require improvement. The data collected from these polls provides a quantitative measure of customer sentiment, enabling you to track and monitor customer satisfaction levels over time.


Collecting customer feedback is a crucial aspect of business growth, and leveraging the power of video can significantly enhance the quality and impact of feedback. Video captures authenticity, engages customers on a deeper level, and allows for clearer communication of ideas. By utilizing methods like replying with video, interactive videos with CTAs, and sending questionnaires, businesses can gather valuable insights, build stronger customer relationships, and drive continuous improvement. Embrace the power of video to collect customer feedback and unlock a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences.

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