How to easily add a video link to embed videos anywhere

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There may be times when you’ve just created a cool video and you want an easy way to share it on various platforms. In this case, a simple and most potent solution is to generate a URL for the video and embed it into just about any medium you prefer. Particularly valuable in situations where a user needs rapid access to a video, a URL link can be shared with multiple users with just a click of a button. 

How do I create a link for a video file?

There are various platforms you can use to generate a URL for a video. One of them is to upload the video file into your Dropbox account and create a link to share it with your recipients. On the downside, you will need to download and install the application into your desktop or mobile device before you use it, unlike a cloud application.

Another option is to upload your video on YouTube (which might take ages depending on your internet connection). Once that’s done, YouTube provides you with a shareable link that you can use to share your video. On the downside, YouTube’s player has their branding all over it by way of the “Watch on YouTube” button, colors, logo, etc. This can be detrimental to your professionalism and might overshadow your company’s branding. 

So, what is an ideal solution that’s easy and will help you create a professional video experience in no time? Read further to know more. 

How to turn video into a link using the Hippo Video Chrome extension

Sharing a video link should be a piece of cake, isn’t it? That is why Hippo Video will be your savior as we have a simple process to create a link for your video file. Don’t believe us? Well, see the steps below to know how effortless and quick it is.

  1. Begin by installing the Hippo Video Chrome Extension from the Chrome web store
  1. Create an account / login to Hippo Video with your credentials.
  1. Now either record a new video or upload an existing video from the Hippo Video library or desktop.
  1. Once that’s done, you can produce great videos in no time using our built-in editing options to trim clips, cut, crop, add text overlay, emojis, and add callouts. Now if you are feeling fancy, opt for the Pro editing feature to add green-screen effects, voice narration, adjust clip setting, add title, and end screen to the video.
  1. It’s now time for the real deal – URL. Guess what? Your unique link is ready by now and is waiting to be copied to your desired platform. The URL links directly to cloud storage, so you can use it to host videos on your website, blog, social media pages etc. Simple and easy isn’t it?
  1. Like this!

What’s new in Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is constantly on the lookout for better features in order to make your video- creation process convenient and a lot more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Screen recording

Recording a video is not only restricted to showing your face on screen; it is also necessary to capture your screen to explain complex ideas and communicate better with your audience.

With Hippo Video, you can choose if you want to record using only your webcam, record only your screen, or use both at the same time to connect with customers, engage employees, and even collaborate with teammates. 

Also, have you ever felt the need to change the webcam shape, or move it around a little so that it doesn’t interfere with your presentation? Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the Hippo Video Chrome Extension and enable your screen record, webcam, and mic options in the Record tab.

Step 2: Next, click on Advanced Settings at the bottom of the pop-up window and select the ‘Webcam shape’ as Circle or Rectangle found under the Webcam Settings label. 

You can also move your webcam positions found under ‘Webcam Position’ and also make your speaker bubblle bigger or smaller by clicking on the ‘Webcam size’ tab.

It’s that simple, really.


Recording yourself on camera can be challenging and you might worry too much about the way you look or sound to focus on what you want to say. In this case, using a script can help, but looking away from the camera to read is unprofessional.

Hippo Video has the solution and that is a teleprompter. With a script right in front of you, you can be confident and create a flawless video in just a few minutes. 

Change the shape of callouts

A callout shape aims to draw other’s attention and give them additional information/remarks in the video. Considering its importance, Hippo Video has incorporated this feature so you can use it to add a comment or caption into the video.

You can choose from a variety of shapes and also move the position of the callouts as per your desire. 

Track your performance

Hippo Video lets you track every prospect activity on the video by giving you real-time notifications and valuable insights like a watch rate, video views, play rate, share rate, and retention rate for all your videos.

This way sales reps will know exactly where prospects are dropping off, thus helping them improve their sales pitch when connecting with prospects. 

What has not changed?

Don’t worry, the Hippo Video you know is still the same. We’ve just made it easier for everyone in your business to use the power of video. So here’s what hasn’t changed:


With the Hippo Video Chrome Extension, you will still be able to enjoy the easiness of recording videos directly inside Gmail, compose email, send, and track its performance without having to switch tabs. 

Video Library

You can still access your entire video library from within the Hippo Video platform. This gives you quick and easy access to all your previously recorded videos, allowing you to instantly share it with your prospects. 


Your prospects can still ‘Upvote,’ ‘like,’ ‘love,’ and comment while watching your videos, and reply with a video if they choose. 

Unlimited Sharing

Continue to record, upload, and share unlimited videos with us.


In this fast-paced world and with everything available on the tip of our fingers, no one has the time to spend more than a few seconds creating an URL. Platforms like Hippo Video have recognized this need and have simplified this process. So if you haven’t already downloaded our Chrome Extension, you don’t want to miss out on it. Simply click here to install today and enjoy the power of videos, along with some mind-blowing features that will make you fall in love with creating videos. 

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