Hippo Video: A Look Back at 2019 and A Look Forward at 2020

The life of every startup is a big puzzle. It could be solved only when you are persistent in your efforts and show perseverance in your actions. And, we can safely say we have solved the most important part of our puzzle in 2019. 

2019 in a Nutshell

This year was of many things for us. And certainly helped in taking big leaps in almost all the directions. As a result, it has led to our core vision ‘enabling users to communicate and collaborate with personalized videos, wherever they are’.  

We embraced 2019 with only one collective goal in mind – bring in personalized videos power to empower businesses. Also, we coupled this goal with a quest to showcase the possibilities businesses can achieve with videos. 

Hippo Video is no longer a sparkling upcoming fraternity but a killing personalized video creation and distribution platform. Currently, we are helping sales and marketing teams of renowned enterprises across the globe. 

The Milestones

While celebrating this feat and many others, here is a look back at the major milestones we surpassed.

⧪ Milestone 1: Listed in High Performing Quadrants on G2 Crowd

Peer-to-peer business software review platform G2 Crowd has listed us as the High Performer and as the Momentum Leader for Fall 2019. Hippo Video has went on to become the High Performer for Winter 2020 again. 

⧪ Milestone 2: Keynote Speech at Yellowship Event

Yellowship organized by Lessonly, brings in a few of the world’s most intriguing innovators under one roof. Attending Yellowship was a great learning experience for us. An opportunity to deliver the keynote speech has made it even more memorable.    

⧪ Milestone 3: Became One of the Trailblazers at Dreamforce 

Hippo Video is one of the proud sponsors of Dreamforce, the biggest SaaS event in the world. It was a great event that provided some profound insights into the world of SaaS. Also, it drew us closer to our customers and prospects in understanding their needs. We conducted a contest that revealed few of the best sales hacks from the industry leaders. 

⧪ Milestone 4: Ranked 14th in Top 50 Extensions on Chrome Web Store (Editor’s Choice)

Hippo Video was ranked 14th on Google Chrome Web Store’s favourite extensions. We are one of the early video personalization platforms to achieve this feat.  

⧪ Milestone 5: Listed in Nancy Nardin’s Top Sales Tools for 2019 

Renowned sales technology expert and guide Nancy Nardin has recognized Hippo Video as the go-to tool for video creation in sales. Nancy quotes ‘Hippo Video personalizes the message and converts the outreach from seeming cold to feeling warm and sincere. Video email campaigns that automate video personalization and track engagement, making it scalable. Their personalized landing pages with personal pitches add to great buyer experience.’

⧪ Milestone 6: Our #Limitless Webinar Series Featured Top Heads in Sales and Marketing 

Keeping the best interests of sales and marketing professionals, Hippo Video rolled out a webinar series called ‘Limitless.’ As the name implies, these webinars unveil limitless possibilities for the sales and marketing professionals. They contain valuable lessons from the contemporary thought leaders in these two areas. 

⧪ Milestone 7: Hippo Video is One of the Official Selections for SaaStock 2019

Government of Tamil Nadu, India has enlisted Hippo Video in its official selection for the SaaStock-2019 edition that took place in Dublin. This recognition was a boost for our image in the domestic business world.

⧪ Milestone 8: Proudest Video Customer Experience Platform

We are proud to have enabled our users to create more than 1.5 million videos that helped them to enhance their customer experience.     

What We are Looking for in 2020?

We are here to make creating videos for business as much easier as possible. While getting there with consistency in our efforts, we are welcoming 2020 with the following goals in mind. 

Adoption of AI and ML in Business Videos 

We are perceiving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as the torch bearers of the future. And, Hippo Video is already striding towards high-end AI and ML to create personalized videos, exclusively for businesses.  

Go-To Platform for Enhanced Customer Experience Powered by Videos

In 2020, we are envisioning Hippo Video as a platform that provides actionable insights that helps in providing enhanced customer experiences using videos throughout the customer journey. 

The year 2019 has been a year of blessing for Hippo Video. We have learned our strengths and addressed our weaknesses. Therefore, with increased enthusiasm and energy, we are looking forward to making 2020 yet another year that is full of possibilities. 

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!     

Talking about wishes, we have created a Wish Box for you. You can send or record personalized wishes to your clients or prospects, this holiday season. Also, you can send as many wishes as you want for free!

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