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  http://www.hippovideo.io Co-Founder and CEO at Hippo Video, the video experience platform for businesses


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Introducing Your Personal Video Coach – Jeffrey Gitomer

Videos – A Visual Guide We at Hippo Video want are constantly looking for ways to contribute and help sales reps shorten their sales...
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A ‘Shift in ‘Perspective’: Re-imagining The Sales Strategy

The world is shaken  Weighted by a serious outbreak, the entire world is shaken by the pandemic coronavirus. It is rightly termed a social...
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Hippo Video: A Look Back at 2019 and A Look Forward at 2020

The life of every startup is a big puzzle. It could be solved only when you are persistent in your efforts and show perseverance...
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Hippo Video Surges Ahead- My Musings

A few weeks back, Sequoia India released the news that created ripples in the startup industry. As part of the Surge, they had selected...
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Hippo Video: A Pleasant Recap of 2018 and Our Growth Plans for 2019

As the Co-founder and CEO of Hippo Video, I’m often asked how the company is doing and our growth plans for each quarter. Hence,...
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