Introducing Your Personal Video Coach – Jeffrey Gitomer

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Videos – A Visual Guide

We at Hippo Video want are constantly looking for ways to contribute and help sales reps shorten their sales cycle and become a Pro at Video Selling. Something new and interesting to learn and implement. So, we have come up with something really exciting that will be useful and informative to all the sales reps out there! Announcing the launch of Jeffrey Gitomer’s REAL video playbook.

I know I have spoken a lot about videos, video emails, video selling in my previous blogs but this time I am bringing to you tips and tricks from the King of Sales himself. You might get your hands on several sample video scripts on the internet along with the dos and dont’s. However, occasionally you might need someone to just be there and handhold you to craft that video to perfection. sales reps need a coach for video selling because videos can be intimidating initially. . from being camera shy to not knowing what to talk and how to deliver on videos, there are many challenges sales reps face while creating videos for sales.

What better way to educate than videos? 

“Quick Videos” the new way to guide all the sales reps on how to video their way in to more sales and success.

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The REAL Sales Video Playbook by Jeffrey Gitomer 

We have been working together with Jeffrey Gitomer for some time now and realized why not come up with a video series to help all sales reps excel at video selling. After lots of days and nights put together, here we are with a brand new set of videos!

If you are already signed up for Hippo Video, there is a chance that you would have already watched these videos under “Video Tips”. For all those who haven’t signed up,  let me give you a brief you what this visual guide is all about.

  • An understanding of the emotional appeal and power of video

The most important factor in sales is EMOTION. Your prospects need to see your face, know how you are to trust you. Videos deliver emotion in the best way possible and that’s exactly why you need to start using videos in sales right now. Jeffrey Gitomer gives you the best of ways to make your prospects resonate with you.

  • REAL-world coaching

We all need someone to guide us through every step of the way. Especially, when it comes to something new that you haven’t done. Jeffrey Gitomer is right here to help you create and use videos for selling.

Staring from video basics such as what subject line to use for your videos emails to sample scripts for video prospecting, everything has been covered in the video series. You can also find answers to questions like “How to approach a prospect on LinkedIn?”, What To Say On Video When You Ask For An Appointment?” and much more.

  • Video selling practice

If you are a sales rep and you want to start creating videos for prospecting and selling but you don’t know where and how to start, this could be your first step. Watch these videos to understand the fundamentals of video selling. 

These are not just videos but simple sales hacks that can help you move your prospects down the sales funnel easily. With video emails taking over the normal plain text-based emails, this is the right time and the right place to get started with video selling.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on the Hippo Video X Jeffrey Gitomer video guide so get started and start creating amazing videos with Hippo Video!

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