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So this holiday season, throw out the “bring home the bacon” mindset and build a deeper connection with your prospects and customers on an emotional level using personalized video greetings.

As Dale Carnegie said it best: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you”. 

After all, New year is all about giving without a thought of getting, isn’t it? 

To win the hearts of your customers and prospects this New year season, we have curated an authentic and genuine way to stand out from the sea of ‘inbox’ messages – four video greeting templates you can steal. 

Sounds interesting? Well, let us explain how you can create these truly memorable holiday videos with Hippo Video.

Create stunning video greetings

Step 1: Visit our homepage – Visit the hippovideo.io homepage and click on the New year banner to ‘Try Now’ our video greeting for FREE with no sign-up required.

Step 2: Start creating your video greeting – The page will open up to a brand new visual. Enjoy it for a while… Ok, let’s move on. Now click on the tab ‘Send Video Greetings’ to continue.

send video greetings

Step 3: Pick your theme – This New Year, we’ve spoiled you for choices with four stunning greeting templates that will knock your socks off. Pick your favorite ‘New Year’ theme (the struggle is real, isn’t it?).

live greetings with videos

Step 4: Record a video or import a video – Now is the time to spread some holiday cheer. Record a personal video or import one from your library to create your unique holiday message. Also, we’ve gone that extra mile and created an intro and outro for all your videos. 🙂 Sweet, isn’t it? 

record/import video greetings

Step 5: Add your custom message – Craft a personal message to go along with your video greeting. Also, to make your video stand out from the crowd, don’t forget to add in audio from the drop-down menu found under the ‘Background music’ tab. 

Personalized video greetings with message

Step 6:  Share your video – It’s time to share your unique video greeting with your family, friends, and colleagues! All you have to do is copy the thumbnail and paste it into your desired platform – from emails to social media, you can do it all. 

share personalized video greetings

Personalized video greeting templates for every occasion

We know that the holidays are extra busy (and a little different this year). There is a whole suite of video templates for every occasion – be it for a family member, a colleague, a prospect, or a customer.

From holiday-friendly imagery, fonts, animations, and music – we have it all. So here is a little tip on which template you can use based on the scenario. 

Palm Springs

Personalised video greetings 1

For businesses, the bold and eye-catching design, along with your personalized video is sure to click with your audience without seeming pushy. Just edit the text to suit your sales campaign, add in your logo – it’s as easy as that.

Ideal for: Showcasing New year offers.

The Reindeer

Personalised video greetings 2

New Year is all about sending personal seasonal greetings, which is why we’ve created this classic template to help you spread festive cheer, even from afar. This super fun template is a great way to lift the spirits of your loved ones.

Ideal for: Spreading happiness among your friends and family.

Winter Lit

Personalized video greetings 3

This year instead of meeting in high-rise conference rooms, businesses are logging into meetings online.

Therefore it’s time to get creative and replace emails and letters with this perfect template to appear authentic and personal to your team.

By using personalized video greetings you build trust among your employees showing that you care for them.

Ideal for: CEO’s message for employees and colleagues. Sharing seasons greetings among team members.

The Wishing Spree

Personalized video greetings 4

The easiest thing a business can do on a new year is to wish their clients/customers ‘Happy Holidays’. It’s straightforward and simple, but is it enough?

Add a twist to your greeting this year with a beautiful video template like ‘The Wishing Spree’. Send this personalized video greeting, and witness an outpouring of love from your clients.

Ideal for: Wishing prospects, customers and clients season’s greetings. From ad agencies to E-commerce sites to sales, everyone can use it. 

send video in outlook


2020 has humanized businesses in an entirely new way, which means it is not the year for random greeting cards flicked from popular e-greeting sites and sending it across to your loved ones, clients, employees, etc.

It is all about showing your gratitude and focusing on building a more personal connection between you and the recipients.

Moreover, this helps improve the overall customer experience, which in turn converts your customers into loyal ambassadors.

With a platform like Hippo Video, you have no more excuses to avoid sending across a personalized video greeting, as it is simple and takes only a matter of seconds to create.

These templates are free, they are catchy and oh so perfect for the holiday season. 

If you are looking forward to tracking how your recipients are engaging with your video, you will need to sign-up to see your watch percentage.

So go on and spread the joy this holiday season using Hippo Video’s personalized video greeting templates. 

Happy holidays!

Which is your favourite template? Tell us in the comments below. 

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