How to Use Video as a “Pattern Interrupt” in Sales

Today, there are more ways than ever before to connect with a prospect. But people are busier and have less patience too. No wonder most sales reps lament that prospecting is the hardest part of the outbound sales process. 

It doesn’t have to be. 

Personalized video messages done right are how you can rise above the dejection of dodged calls, low open rates, or automated emails – giving you bigger, better opportunities.

As part of our Limitless Webinar series, we invited Becc Holland, CEO & Founder, Flip the Script, to explain how videos can help you hit the communication sweet spot. Living in San Francisco, Becc brings 15+ years of sales and marketing experience to empower sellers worldwide to dramatically improve their messaging and results, with incredible tips for cadences and workflows.

While you can watch the complete webinar below, here are some insights from that episode (scroll down to after the video)

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Q: Why are so many sales reps averse to using video as a channel for prospecting?

Polls during the webinar showed cold email, LinkedIn messages, and cold calling were quite ahead of videos as a favorite medium for outreach. Why, though, when videos work wonders in terms of breaking through the noise, getting responses, and booking meetings?

Becc shared some interesting insights on the audience’s responses. “My question is, ‘What is the aversion you have to video?’ ‘Why aren’t you doing it more?’ So we have several different answers here, ranging from “it’s just not my style,” “it’s hard to put myself out there, “and “I don’t know what to say,” “not sure if they’re actually watching it” and “I don’t know how to dress for the video!”

Heidi Quaschnik, Regional VP of Sales at Hippo, believes the primary reason is “I don’t know what to say. You know, when you see yourself for that first time on camera, and it can be a little bit intimidating and shocking. Like, oh my gosh, there I am. And it’s just you there talking to the camera, which can be a little bit uncomfortable.”

Becc adds: “You mean uncomfortable just because you’re confronted with ‘Wow, I look like that on the camera. Hmm. I don’t know if I like that.’ I know it’s hard to hear your own voice. So we have not sure if they’re actually watching it as number one. Don’t know what to say as number two. It’s hard to put myself out there as number three. And then we got a couple of others, including ‘I don’t want to appear to be full of myself to the prospect.'”

Q: How do you pick out a true reason for personalization?

Did you know 76% of customers get frustrated when they don’t get personalized interactions? Or that personalization typically drives a 10-15% revenue lift? That said, sales reps often struggle to personalize beyond a name, which is just the beginning. 

Becc shares why we must pick out a genuine reason for personalization and how to do it. “So when you’re using personalization within the video, the more specific, the better. You don’t have to be long to be personalized. So, for instance, if I said, ‘Heidi’s got a black shirt on with a gray and black scarf.’ That wasn’t a long tidbit, but now she’s positive I’m talking exactly to her.

So I would try to tease out some personalized premise of something that the person did, something that the person said, and the low-hanging fruit — if you just go to their LinkedIn profile and scan through it, you’re going to get something from them in the About Me section. And I would use some type of clip. What you can do within the video that really lit my team’s numbers on fire is, within the video, I would show me going to their LinkedIn profile. I’d say like, you know, ‘Hey Dave,’ for instance, and I’d say, some reason for my outreaches, and I would go to their link. ‘I was on your LinkedIn profile earlier, and I loved hearing when you said X, Y, and Z.’ It’s like showing Dave, hey, this is me talking to you.

So pick out something, you know, short, fast, but specific that interrupts the pattern where they think you’re just a mass blaster that is shooting these videos out. I want to say something to my prospect that they’re positive I’m talking to them specifically. For example, ‘I noticed that your company is growing, for instance. My CEO sent me your way. I’m really impressed by your profile. We have mutual connections.’

It should take you no longer than five minutes to tease out three personalized premises, but it interrupts the pattern to them that you know exactly who they are. People aren’t going to trust you’re going to spend their time wisely if you don’t from the start. So I would give some type of quip that you know exactly who they are.”

Q: What’s a sales tactic to abandon?

Breaking the ice with people we don’t know can be awkward and difficult. What do you say? Something lighthearted, perhaps? But what if it falls flat? Stroke the prospect’s ego? That can backfire, too! So, deciding how to come across as confident, interested, and competent while also being genuine and amiable is not easy. 

“Don’t be gimmicky,” says Becc. “I’m probably going to be the only person in the market that’s going to say this. I make a lot of jokes. I am not silly, though. If I’m talking to an SVP over at Oracle, for instance, you might pattern interrupt with a joke. But you need to get to the point fast because they have 3000 other people who are trying to get ahold of their time.

You need to be someone who gets ahold of their attention but then immediately transitions into something that showcases to them that you know who they are and what their problems are, and that you can be an advocate or that you can help. So people want around them people who can tell them things and uncover things for them that they don’t know.”

Q: How can the push-pull method boost your outreach efforts?

Choosing which style to use when speaking with a prospect can be tricky. Even the slightest chance you come across as pushy or aggressive can halt a conversation before you can say, “Jack Robinson!” However, continually pulling away from the prospect means you won’t get the deal done. How to find the balance?

Becc believes recognizing when you need to push the conversation forward and when you need to pull back is key. “Have a clear ask. I can’t tell you the number of emails that I have seen that are like, ‘Hey, I noticed that you downloaded content.’ Or cold calls… you downloaded content. Yeah. Do you have any questions? No, see ya!

So, have a clear ask. A great way to do this is to use a push-pull line on the end. I would suggest using a push-pull line in every single video… You ask, ‘If you give me a shot Thursday at two to unpack X, Y, and Z, ask you a couple of questions and unpack X, Y, and Z. I promise I will never bother you again. (Push)

If you don’t see the value, still say, ‘Either way…I hope that you had a great, great long weekend. You can use ‘Hope that you’re safe with everything going on during this time’ and ‘I’ve been a big fan of your work so far.’ (Pull)

That’s where the compliment should go. Most people put them in the beginning. ‘Hope you’re well,’ ‘Hope you’re awesome,’ ‘Hope you had a great weekend,’… ‘Just checking in,’ ‘Just circling back,’ and ‘Just bubbling this to the top of your inbox.’ I would put all of that language into the push-pull near the end.

So, I would have a clear ask of exactly what you want. So they’re not confused. A lot of times, prospects will walk away confused. They had no idea that you wanted a meeting. Why? Because you asked them if you had any questions about their content, the content they read, and they didn’t even know that you wanted a meeting. So I’d have a clear ask, but I would end every video with ‘either way’ regardless.”

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