Launching Hippo Video SDK – Video API for the Web

As people have started to work and do business from across different parts of the world, one cannot discount the importance of asynchronous communication. 

And if you are like many wise people thinking of including videos in your business, you are in the right place. But if you haven’t already, you should. 

This is why asynchronous communication, especially videos, can be efficient for your business – 

  1. It let’s you connect with customers at their convenient time
  2. Allows you to demonstrate and explain with less ambiguity
  3. Breaks the zoom fatigue
  4. Makes sharing across different platforms a breeze

But what’s the cost of building a video application? Don’t you worry, here’s some great news!

Hippo Video is incredibly excited to launch the all-new Hippo Video software developer kit (SDK) that lets you simply call on Video APIs and change the way your business functions. 

First things first!

What is Hippo Video SDK?

A software developer kit with a piece of code that allows developers to easily copy/paste it into their website or mobile application, thus enabling them to benefit from borrowing an already-built application. As a developer, you know it saves much more time than developing an application from scratch.

In this case, by copying and pasting 10 lines of codes inside your website or app, you will have a full video experience within your application without having to build a video application yourself.

Hippo Video SDK makes videos accessible

This new feature is simply the answer to all your coding woes. Now any business can add a Hippo Video-powered video record button to their product in less than a day, making it easy for developers to integrate.

Once implemented, you can start recording within your web app without signing up for Hippo Video or downloading our Chrome version. And the best part? You will also have access to our top-notch recording and editing tools.  

Bonus – because we are a video hosting platform, we will manage the storage of your videos as well. 

A bundle of exciting features

Regardless of the industry you are in, a video feature is a mandatory part of success. So here are all the features you can expect from our SDK.

Screen, audio, and webcam capture

Add clarity and context to any workflow by enabling screen, audio, and webcam capture when recording your videos. 

Instant video playback + hassle-free editing

Playback your videos and instantly edit once you’ve recorded them without leaving your web/app environment.


Say no to memorizing your scripts. Simply read from a teleprompter script to create professional videos.

Circular webcam

Are you recording a video using your webcam? Choose from a variety of webcam shape options with just a click.

Markup tool

Want to draw your viewer’s attention to a particular portion of your video? From highlighting to blurring, drawing, and adding texts, all these features make it a breeze to do so.

Easy installation

All you need is a chrome plugin, saving you a ton of hard disk space.

Why do you need our SDK?

Apart from all the exciting features that come with our SDK, we believed to have cracked the code of plug-and-play async video API. Here’s why:

Low on code: All you have to do is copy and paste our ten-line code to get started. 

Easy on the wallet: Rich features such as video creation and sharing at a modest price. 

Saves you time: We have done all the hard work. Now your engineering team can sit back and simply copy/paste the code to get started. 

Make it yours: We want you to take center stage and made this white-labeled. Go ahead and add your touch to it – from brand colors to brand logos. 

We handle the details: While you get a world-class video platform, including video storage and infrastructure.

Easy playback: Video playback is supported across most major devices and operating systems. 


Over the years, we’ve seen how often people use videos in their marketing automation, CRMs, team collaboration programs, etc. It solidifies the role videos play in bridging businesses with their customers. So why wait for the perfect moment to start using videos when Hippo Video SDK has made it a lot easier for you? 

Build, Implement your video application, visit our Hippo Video SDK page

Happy recording!

Indhu Abraham

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