Hippo Video API combines a well-scoped feature set for both users and developers.
The following are the benefits and features that come with our embeddable API.

Benefits of Using Our API

Easily Embeddable

Hippo Video offers you a seamless API integration. The Embed Button works with any web page, blog or publishing platform. All you need to have is a browser extension and a simple code to get things started.

White Label API

Display your brand on our player. Your users will only see your brand in their entire experience with the API recorder.

Reliable & Affordable

Hippo Video is a powerhouse that can hold thousands of videos providing the needed stability for its users. The Video/Screen Recorder API is highly affordable.

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It’s easy to get started, Follow these simple steps, and you'll have the embeddable API set up in no time.
  1. Login to your Hippo Video account and go to the INTEGRATIONS page.
  2. Click on the button near the Generic Embed Widget
  3. Now copy the script code and place it inside the head tag. Preferably at the beginning, before all other scripts.
  4. Copy the HTML code and place it wherever you want the video recording button to appear.

P.S: To record screen, you viewers need to have the Chrome Extension.

Getting the recorded video

The input element will contain the recorded video's URL after recording is finished.

Javascript API

OnLoad Callback

Place all your widget related code inside this callback


   //All widget related code here


Sample Code


window.hippoWidget.on("record_initiated", function(){

   console.log("recording initiated");


window.hippoWidget.on("record_complete", function(event){

console.log("recording initiated" + event.recorded_url);



Start Recording

You can customize the recording options and call the

var recordingConfiguration = {

screenRecord: true,
audio: true,
webCam: true,
systemAudio: true,
resolution: "720",
separateLayer: false,
initiator: 'generic_embed'


→ 'audio' option enables the mic recording

→ 'systemAudio' enables the system audio like any application or browser tab playing any music. You can also keep both the options enabled.

Stop Recording

Stops the on-going recording.


Import Video/Audio

Initiates media import.


Event Handling

window.hippoWidget.on(eventname, callback);

Available Events

record_initiated When recording is initiated preview_url: URL to preview video. (preview will be available at any point of time for the recorded user. For others, it will be the same as 'recorded_url') recorded_url: video delivery URL. URL to share/mail/message others. embed_url: similar to recorded_url. Optimized for embedding as an iframe in a website. thumbnail_url: thumbnail URL of the video. thumbnail_play_url: similar to 'thumbnail_url', except the play icon is displayed at the center. token: video token for the recorded video.
record_started When recording is started. (After user accept the permissions, etc.) -
record_paused When a user pauses the recording -
record_resumed When user resumes the recording which is paused. -
record_stopped When a user stops the recording -
record_aborted Same as 'video_cancelled'. Additionally, this event will also be triggered when a user aborts the recording while recording itself(future) -
record_complete When the current recording is complete and it is safe to record another video -
record_error When there is some issue with recording error: Reason for an error
video_cancelled When the user cancels submitting the recorded video -
video_submitted When the recorded video is submitted by the user -
import_progress When import is in progress operation: "started"/"uploading"progress : percentage of file uploaded from client (when operation = "uploading")
import_complete When import is successful preview_url: URL to preview video. (preview will be available at any point of time for the recorded user. For others, it will be the same as 'recorded_url') share_url: Video delivery URL. URL to share/mail/message others. embed_url: Same as recorded_url. optimized for embedding as an iframe in website. thumbnail_url: Thumbnail URL of the video. thumbnail_play_url: Same as 'thumbnail_url', but with play icon at the middle. token: Video token for the recorded video.
import_failed When import fails due to some error reason: Reason for an error

Sample Page

You can also customize the button you want to be displayed on your page. Here are some sample pages:

  1. https://www.hippovideo.io/embed-sample-form.html
  2. https://www.hippovideo.io/hippowidgetsample.html

If you'd like to customize the button, please contact us at support@hippovideo.io

How businesses use our API?

Businesses use Hippo Video embeddable video API to:

1Boost their brand’s trust by collecting video feedback or testimonials right from where their customers are. 2Provide the best customer experience by allowing their customers to record their queries instantly.
3Know their user’s experience by embedding the video recording widget in web pages. 4Make it easier for visitors to communicate on their sites.
And, there is no limit, we can go on forever with the list of use cases.

You are one step closer to experience our video creation API.
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