Top EdTech bloggers to follow in 2018

Top 23 EdTech Bloggers To Follow In 2018

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For educators, teaching is not the only job. Staying up to date with technology changes in the classroom is almost a full-time job on its own! There are EdTech bloggers who constantly talk about the latest happenings in EdTech. That’s why following them is a time-saving way to remain knowledgeable about this constantly evolving landscape in education.

There are a number of Edtech blogs that exist serving multiple purposes. There are blogs which talk about math, science and virtually every other discipline that you can think of. Also, there are blogs about EdTech tools, flipped classroom, and education conferences, helping learners from kindergarten all the way up through high school.

But how do you know which ones to follow?

We decided to help you.

Here is our top list of 23 EdTech bloggers to follow in 2018.

1. Erin Klein

Erin EdTech blogger

Erin Klein is an award-winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother who has been selected twice to serve on the Scholastic, Inc. Top Teaching Team based in New York.

Klein has collaborated with experts from 13 countries to release her publication called “Amazing Grades.” She travels the country speaking about the power of student’s voice, how meaningful educational technology integration can enhance learning experiences, and the impact it has on today’s students.

She is certified in Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology. She has also studied under consultants from ‘The Center for Effective Learning’ to understand how design affects cognition and learning.

Klein serves as a classroom design consultant and creative partner for the publishing company, Carson-Dellosa. She is an active contributor to education and technology tools for Smartblogs for Education, MindShift, Scholastic, Edudemic, Edutopia, EdSurge, and EdReach.


2. Phil Shapiro

Phil Shapiro EdTech blogger

Phil Shapiro is an educator, technology access activist and a multimedia journalist who works at Takoma Park Maryland Library in Washington D.C

He is also an avid reader and book reviewer. Most of his book reviews are in video form, to better reach community members with reading difficulties. He thinks books makes one more empathetic.

Phil’s Book Reviews –

He writes stories and nonfiction reading passages for his elementary school and adult education students. Phil doesn’t stop with writing alone; he also does audio storytelling.

Phil’s Stories –

3. Kathi Kersznowski

Kathi EdTech Blogger

Kathi Kersznowski is an EdTech blogger, Keynote speaker, and a leader. She is an ambitious and a dedicated education professional with an M.A. in School Administration from Rowan University. She is an experienced Technology Integration Specialist skilled in creating innovative Professional Development programs, Educational Leadership, Leadership, Presentations, STEM Education and Educational Technology.

Website –

4. Mickey McFetridge

Mickey EdTech blogger

Mickey McFetridge is the co-director of the Don Tyson School of Innovation Virtual Campus. He manages teachers in the creation, distribution, and instruction of online education courses. He is an experienced Technology Integration Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the E-Learning industry, Curriculum Development, and Public Speaking.

Mickey is an education blogger with 115,000+ hits from across the globe since 2015. He has a strong education professional background with a Postgraduate Degree focused in Educational Leadership and Administration, General from the University of Arkansas.

Website –

5. Jim Vanides

Jim Vanides is an independent Education & Industry Consultant/Advisor. He has been instrumental in launching over 1500 primary, secondary, and higher education projects in 41 countries. His initiative portfolio includes a series of pilot projects using mobile 1:1 computing in three schools (Silicon Valley, New Delhi, and Johannesburg).

Jim also led an initiative called the HP Catalyst Academy, an online professional learning network for teachers and faculty in science, technology, engineering, math, and related high tech disciplines known as STEM(+).

He was the creator and author of the HP blog, “Teaching, Learning, and Technology”, HP’s first and only education philanthropy blog. Jim also teaches an online course for Montana State University on the Science of Sound, a masters-level, conceptual physics course for teachers in grades 5 through 8.

6. TJ Houston

Houston EdTech blogger

TJ Houston is a lifelong learner, passionate about education and leadership. He works as the Director of Technology for New London & Shelby City School. He is an author, developer, photographer and a blogger.

He is also the sales support rep for Panasonic Lumix in the Midwest region. Houston loves helping others and helping them achieve their goals.

He has worked in education his entire career. He enjoys being a teacher, a student and a member of staff which allows him to learn and grow.

Website –

7. Kyle Anderson

Kyle EdTech blogger

Kyle Anderson is a physical education teacher at Peterson Academic Center in Las Vegas, NV.  Previously, he taught US Government, US History, and AP US History for 11 years, served as a technology learning strategist. He has also served as a dean of students prior to deciding to return to the classroom from administration. He is a Google Certified Educator, Level 1 & 2, a Remind Connected Educator, Vice President of CUE-NV, and has presented at numerous educational technology conferences. Kyle is married to another educator, Mary, a speech-language pathologist.

Website –

8. Melissa Highton

Melissa EdTech blogger

Melissa Highton is an Assistant Principal and Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services (LTW)  at the University of Edinburgh.

Melissa leads services and projects in support of the University’s strategic priorities for digital and distance learning on global platforms, blended learning, virtual learning environments, technology-enhanced learning spaces, the digital student experience and use of the web for outreach and engagement.

She has particular interests in digital skills, 21st-century curricula, open educational resources, research-led teaching and online media.

Melissa is a graduate of the University and has returned to Edinburgh from the University of Oxford where she was Director of Academic IT and Fellow of Kellogg College. Before Oxford, Melissa worked in technology leadership roles at the University of Leeds, the Royal Holloway University of London and Edinburgh Napier University.

Website –

9. Kammas Kersch

Kersch EdTech Blogger

Kammas Kersch is a chemistry and computer science teacher at a small, Catholic high school in Wilmington, DE. As a technology lover, Kersch is fortunate to teach in a 1:1 iPad school, where every student has an iPad.  She loves providing her students with unique opportunities to learn in and out of the classroom.

She is a Google Certified educator, Apple teacher, FlipGrid Ambassador and an EdTech blogger. She regularly coordinates and runs training for other educators in her building on tech topics and has helped implement their current Learning Management System.

Kersch love meeting new educators and networking with people to be a better person and a better teacher.

Website –

10. Nancy Gadzala

Nancy EdTech Blogger

Nancy Gadzala is an Apple distinguished educator, weCreate Lab Facilitator, and an EdTech blogger. She is also an MRC Director at Madison School with a Masters Degree in Educational Technology. Also, she creates a classroom environment where students feel comfortable to create, solve problems, think critically, learn together, and take risks. Nancy believes in the power an authentic audience has on her students and gives opportunities to her students to learn globally.

Website –

11. Lee Kolbert

Lee EdTech blogger

Lee Kolbert is currently the district manager of the Division of Performance Accountability overseeing district accreditation. She has been an educator in Palm Beach County, FL for 33 years. She was a classroom teacher, district technology program specialist, educational technology manager, and continues on her journey of sharing and learning.

Lee is an EdTech blogger. She has co-hosted a local cable TV show, PalmBreeze CAFÉ where her segments focused on online tools useful for educators and the community. Lee also periodically blogs for The Huffington Post.

Website –

12. Eric Patnoudes

Eric EdTech blogger

Eric Patnoudes is a former education strategist at CDWCorp and an instructional technologist. He works with curriculum and technology departments to ensure common goals are identified and pursued responsibly, cohesively and strategically. Eric is a Level 2 Google Certified Educator and has experience as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer. He has represented the US at the Microsoft Global forum in Barcelona as an MIE Expert Educator. Here is the link to Eric’s articles published on Edtechmagazine.

13. James Gibbons

James EdTech blogger

James Gibbons is a Teacher of Geography and Humanities at St. Joseph’s RC High School in Newport. His school has embarked on a journey of utilizing iPad on a 1:1 basis, allowing students to either bring their device or to purchase an iPad through an Apple Education Solution Expert. James is an Apple Distinguished Educator and an EdTech blogger.

He is passionate about the use of EdTech devices in the classroom to improve and enhance learning. Also, he is always on a constant lookout for trialing new ideas and ways to make this happen.

In his blog, he reviews a variety of apps, shares his EdTech journey, and tried and tested methods for using technology to enhance teaching and learning in a useful and meaningful way.

Website –

14. Joyce Fiedler

Joyce EdTech blogger

Joyce Fiedler is currently a Technology Teacher and Coach for a small school district in Central New Jersey. She has had several teaching roles and also Technology Coach positions where she helped other teachers infuse technology into their daily lessons.

She is a Technology STEAM Teacher, Edtech Coach, Google Educator Levels 1 & 2, Google Certified Trainer, Apple Teacher, EdTech Blogger and Flipgrid Ambassador.

Website –

15. Amanda Burns

Amanda EdTech Blogger

Amanda Burns works for the Yorktown Central School District since May 2006.  She provides support to the three lower elementary schools consisting of K-5 students (Crompond, Brookside and Mohansic). Amanda is also the Webmaster for the district and enjoys the media aspect of the job. She helps integrate technology throughout the district specializing in Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks, Tablets, Apple apps, and support, and Social Media.

Website –

16. Rebecca Penina Simon

Rebecca EdTech blogger

Rebecca Penina Simon is the Director of Educational Technology at SINAI Schools in Paramus, NJ. She has a MAT in Elementary Education from the University of Memphis. She is certified in Elementary Education by the Maryland State Department of Education. Rebecca is trained in the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching reading. One of Rebecca’s passion is Educational Technology. Also, she has a Master’s Certificate in Educational Technology as well as Blended Learning. She is currently learning in a program focused on School Leadership. Her goal is to train teachers in technology integration to redefine instruction and transform student learning.

Website –

17. Liz Kolb

Liz EdTech blogger

Liz Kolb is a clinical assistant professor at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. She authored Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education (published by ISTE in 2008), Cell Phones in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for the K-12 Educator (published by ISTE in 2011), Help Your Child Learn With Their Cell Phone and Web 2.0 (published by ISTE in 2013), Learning First, Technology Second (published by ISTE in 2017).

In addition, Liz has published numerous articles and book chapters on new technologies. Also, on education in prominent publications such as Education Leadership, School Administrator Magazine, Scholastic, Edutopia, ISTE’s Edtekhub, and Learning and Leading with Technology. Liz has done consulting work and has been a featured and keynote speaker at conferences all over the United States and Canada.

Liz is currently co-chairing an auxiliary committee for the U.S. Office of Education Technology on sustainable professional development in teacher education. Liz is also the creator and coordinator of the Triple E Framework, which is an open-source framework for K-12 teachers. Also for administrators to use to assess the effectiveness of technology in lesson plans.  She is also the creator of the 4T Virtual Conference, which is a free conference for practitioners that occurs every May.

Website –

18. Richard Wells

Richard EdTech blogger

Richard Wells has taught for 13 years and has been the Head of Technology for both private and public schools. He specializes in student-centered learning, educational use of social media, augmented reality and design thinking.

Richard has published a book on Amazon with the title “A Learner’s Paradise”. He provides effective professional development that is centered on the individual teacher’s requirements and current skill-set.

Website –

19. Natalie Pierpont

Natalie EdTech blogger

Natalie Pierpont is an EdTech blogger. Currently, the Technology Manager overseeing the Technology Support Team for Allen ISD in the public education space. Previously, the IT Enterprise Program Manager for a large K-12 school system with 70+ schools expanding throughout the US.

Her work has been featured in Washington Post, NPR, Parenting Magazine. It has resulted in relationships with National Geographic and The Smithsonian Institute among others. She is a community moderator at TEM, a community of nearly 600 entrepreneurs, business owners, and self-employed women in the DC Metro area.

Website –

  20. Amany Atef

Amany EdTech blogger

Amany Atef is backed by 15+ years of accomplished track record of designing and establishing the foundation of eLearning. Also, she has led mLearning concepts for educational institutions in Egypt and across Europe, India and Middle-East.

She is driven by a visceral “hard-wired” need to strategize and to innovate in the fields of Pedagogy. Also in Game-Based Learning (GBL), Flipped Classroom, cutting-edge eLearning content, Mobile Learning etc,.

Website –

21. Mary Burns

Mary burns EdTech blogger

Mary Burns is an internationally recognized expert in teacher professional development, technology planning, online learning, and instructional design.

During her 30-year career in education, Burns has supported numerous effective, evidence-based school reform efforts. She specializes in multiple settings around the world, including migrant communities, inner-city schools etc,. She counts the creation of Indonesia’s first coaching program to help teachers integrate technology into instruction. The design and adoption of Lebanon’s first national educational technology plan among her signature accomplishments.

Burns has co-authored four books and almost 200 articles, book chapters, and monographs on technology-embedded teacher professional development. She is a monthly contributor to the Global Partnership for Education blog.

Website –

22. Kirsten Thompson

Kirsten EdTech blogger

Kirsten Thompson is employed as a classroom teacher at “S-School” since the fall of 2013. She has had the opportunity to work with students from Grade 7 to Grade 11. She specializes in the areas of social studies, science, math, and art.

She is currently pursuing her Masters of Education Degree with a focus on Curriculum & Planning. Kirsten regularly blogs about her journey as an educator at www.fishbowlteaching.blogspot.

23. Neela Bell

Neela EdTech blogger

Neela Bell helps educators design engaging, personalized online courses. Her expertise is in the Moodle learning platform. She loves playing with visual design, music, video, and gaming elements to engage learners. Also, she loves to create fun, active eLearning courses. Neela created an award-winning blended learning program for at-risk youth called “Bridges”.

She is so proud of the Bridges program. Also, the amazing staff of teachers she gets to work with supporting the fragile learners. She has created a model for the critical role blended learning has in reaching chronic non-attending students. She consults with administrators and educators on how to create successful blended learning programs.

Website –

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