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L & D in 2024: How Text to Video AI redefines video creation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education and corporate training, innovation is key to keeping learners engaged and ensuring information retention. Hippo Video, a comprehensive video platform, leverages AI and provides Text to Video technology to transform static, training content into dynamic, immersive experiences. As organizations worldwide seek effective and efficient training solutions, Hippo Video […]

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3 min Read
Generative AI in Sales Engagement

The Rise of Generative AI in Sales: Transforming Customer Engagement

Unleashing the power of generative AI in sales engagement Despite the slow adoption of digital technologies, Sales is emerging as the leading adopter of generative AI. AI-backed tools and systems are on their way to becoming every sales professional’s digital assistants. Today’s business landscape is customer-centric, and this makes customer engagement the cornerstone of success. […]

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4 min Read

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