How sales reps can build their personal brand to sell more deals

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John Barrows has held every position in Sales including inside, field, channel, executive management and ownership. He continues to sell every day using the techniques he trains to some of the world’s leading tech companies including Linkedin, Marketo, HP and Salesforce. He is also the bestselling author of ‘I want to be in sales when I grow up’.

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John was featured on our Limitless Webinar series on Feb 26 2020 at 11 AM EST. It was an insightful session on personal branding and here are the key takeaways from the webinar.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • The 2 different sides of social selling
  • The power of personal brand building and what it can do for your career
  • How to build your brand in an authentic way
  • How to integrate personal brand building into your routine

Watch the complete webinar:


Question: How can sales reps be themselves despite marketing wants to control the message? 

John: I think that’s the challenge that I see a lot of times as marketing is a little bit too controlling. They don’t want sales reps to do anything. And that’s where I think you have to like don’t try to do it kind of outside and not really about your business. Just do it about the industry and those types of things. So, the easy way to do it with marketing in mind is to take the marketing content.

Question: Is there something called content overload then sharing too much content? 

John: Yes, I think chewing too much content that’s not valuable is bad. I think this is where you get in danger of just, oh, I’m gonna post every day and you start posting stuff that is just weak. Do you know what I mean? Really weak and not very valuable in any way, shape, or form. That’s where I think it’ll hurt you.

Question: How can a marketer go about building a brand for the sales team?

John: Yeah, I think it’s about giving. I think it’s about being selective with the content that you share, like bringing content to the sales reps to help educate them and sharing it with a context.