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Screen recorder is gaining popularity as professionals need to record their computer screen on multiple occasions. Whether you’re providing walkthroughs for new hires, recording a personalized product demo, resolving a customer ticket in support, or recording live streaming for YouTube, screen recording makes processes easier, functional, and more effective. 

If you’re on the lookout for the ideal online screen recorder tool, it should be noted that the market is flooded with hundreds of options and not all screen recording tools will be apt for your needs.

So to make your life a bit easier, we’re going to discuss 11 key factors that help you make the best choice. 

Factors to consider before choosing an online screen recorder

Video quality 

Most people assume the quality of their recorded video would be the same as what is displayed on the screen. However, that isn’t the case as the quality of your videos will differ from each screen recorder tool.

While some screen recorders have standard-quality without HD option, others let you set the resolution as high as 1080p giving you clearer and sharper high-quality videos. So it’s ideal to try it firsthand to see the quality. After all, no one wants a blurry, and low-resolution video, do they?    


Video editing 

Different online screen recorders vary quite a bit in terms of the editing tools they provide. While some may have none at all, others may have basic tools, and yet others may have a full-fledged built-in editor.

Make no mistake, having a good editing tool can be useful as it helps delete unwanted video fragments and attain a polished look for the videos.                                                            

Audio quality/mic 

While there are many screen recorder tools in the market, there aren’t many that let you choose the audio source, leaving you to record using your system audio. In situations where your in-built audio is poor, it can affect the overall quality of your screen recording and also invite unwanted background noise.

This is why choosing a screen recorder with additional audio components is helpful when you want to add commentary and important auditory information.                  


Markup tools 

Beyond just capturing your screen, a comprehensive screen recorder should provide you with all the tools that enable on-screen drawing and annotating while capturing the screen. This will help viewers to follow a video better and faster.

Look for screen recorders with versatile markup options like highlight, focus, erase, pause, play, and stop for easy demonstration and straightforward communication.        



Even the best free online screen recording tools often have a non-removable watermark that appears in your saved recordings. If it bothers you (and obviously for the right reasons), opt for one that is free of any such branding.                                    

Device support 

Do you want to screen record on your mobile? If so, it is an Android or an iOS device? Or you want one for your desktop? Again, are you using a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system? The device you’re using should be considered as not all online screen recorder tools will be compatible with your OS.                          

Facecam/webcam option 

Free online screen recorders often lack webcam options. So if you’re looking to record video tutorials, you will essentially require a tool that lets you record your screen and yourself at the same time as it adds a human touch to your screen recordings. But in cases where you’re recording a live streaming video from YouTube, you might not want that option. So make sure you choose one that suits your desired goal.               

Video download option 

Another factor to consider is if the application will allow you to download the recorded video or does it allow you to only share it online without a download option. Also, some tools will let you save your recordings in video formats including MP4, MOV, and API, etc. while other tools are just limited to a few video formats.

Video hosting – Online Vs PC 

When using a desktop-based screen recorder, you have to download the recorded video and then share it. But be aware that these video files take up large amounts of storage space on your computer. On the other hand, a web-based screen recorder tool will store your videos on the cloud and also give you the option to export your recordings to other apps such as YouTube, email, etc in just a click of a button. Which is your pick? 


Do you have a dull and unattractive background for your videos? Choose a screen recorder tool with a green screen/chroma key video effect to superimpose different virtual backgrounds during your video-making process. Certain screen recorder tools also offer a blur effect where you can blur certain portions of your video.    

screen recorder

Software download 

There are two kinds of screen recorders out there – one that requires you to download the application on your PC and the other is a Chrome extension. While the desktop version will store your videos on the computer and also require frequent updates, the latter is a more advanced solution as all you have to do is install the browser extension to start recording. And what’s more, with the Chrome extension, it will automatically save your screen recording to the cloud and give you a link to share your videos with anyone. What’s your choice?

Now that we’ve looked into the factors to consider when choosing the right screen recorder tool that suits your requirement, you might have a question – Is there any real differentiation between most screen recorder tools? Yes. While they might look similar on the surface, they do have a lot of functional differences in the way the application works, their features, and their compatibility with your device. Let’s compare a few of the well-known screen recorder tools.

Comparing screen recorder online tools

Hippo Video 

screen recorder

Hippo Video is a cloud-based video hosting platform and a one-stop solution for all your screen recording needs. To use the tool, just install the Hippo Video chrome extension and you can immediately start recording your screen. Below are the key features of this video hosting platform:

* Record videos in high-definition (HD) quality with a video resolution up to 1080p. 

* Allows you to use a combination of audio and webcam along with the screen.

* Edit recorded videos using two editing options – a ‘Quick edit’ for beginners and a ‘Pro edit’ for power users.

* Screen captures with no watermark.

* Use markup tools to highlight, focus, erase, pause, play, stop, add texts, add callouts, etc.

* Add effects such as green screen/chroma key video effect and blur to hide portions of your video screen. 

* Seamless screen recording on any device – be it your PC, Windows laptop, or a Mac without any difference in terms of settings and quality of your videos. And that’s not all – since Hippo Video is a cloud-based video platform, all your screen recordings will automatically be saved to the cloud. When you finish recording and editing your videos, a link will be provided. You can then paste it anywhere – be it in an email, on social media, or any other apps and share it with anyone.


screen recorder

Apowersoft is a free online screen recorder web-based tool that allows you to record video and audio content simultaneously. It also allows you to choose the type of audio input and annotate it in real-time.

Moreover, the application provides multiple video formats you can use to save your recorded videos without losing quality.

On the downside, though it runs in your web browser, you’ll still need to download and install a launcher application before you can use it. Also, if you want to edit videos, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version, though there is a free trial available.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Movavi Screen Recorder is a desktop recording software that effortlessly generates high-resolution recordings on PC, Mac, and Windows operating systems. It presents two distinctive modes: screen recording and screenshots.

Within its interface, you can access built-in tools for editing recordings, capturing webcam footage alongside the screen activity, and incorporating on-screen drawings and annotations. The software also offers the convenience of scheduled recording, streamlining the process through automation, and enabling seamless exports to popular platforms with shareable links, all in a high-quality file format of your preference.

One drawback is that the software is not entirely free, as you’ll eventually need to upgrade to the full version to remove watermarks and other limitations.

AZ screen recorder

screen recorder

If you’re someone who wants to record or live stream the screen of your Android device, the AZ screen recorder is your best bet. It does not require root access, and the free version has no time limit, no watermark and you can also record up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.

It also allows you to pause and resume while recording. With the paid version, you can use your phone’s front-facing camera to record yourself as an overlay on the video and also use tools for drawing on and trimming the video. 

On the downside, you’ll need Android 10 or higher to record internal audio.


screen recorder

A cloud-based application, Loom allows you to record your screen or a specific app, with or without your webcam, and narrate using your microphone. When you’re done recording, it offers you easy editing capabilities, allowing you to trim your video, add call-to-action (CTA), and add custom thumbnails.

To share your video, it will provide a link that will automatically be copied to your clipboard to share. Also, Loom’s easy-to-use platform allows you to protect your videos with a password. 

On the downside, Loom is limited to a few editing options and does not provide blur and green screen/chroma key video effects. It also lacks markup tools that allow on-screen drawing or annotating while capturing the screen. 

We know we said 5, but we wanted to give you a bonus tool. 


screen recorder

Screen-cast-o-matic is an online screen recorder tool that supports both webcam and screen recordings. This application does not record videos in HD and uses a standard resolution which could be 800×600, 640×480, thus ideal for quick uploading of videos.

The free version allows users to zoom, draw, and add overlays on the video files, while the paid version offers you more advanced animation and editing tools. Once you’ve recorded your videos, you can upload it straight to YouTube, G-Drive, or Dropbox.

On the downside, the free version will be watermarked. It also requires Java to run the application and you need to download a launcher application before you begin to use it.


With a variety of online screen recorder tools in the market, it is not that hard to find the best ones that suit your individual needs and the operating system you’re using.

If you’re a professional who creates videos regularly, opt for a cloud-based application like Hippo Video and Loom as you no longer have to worry about heavy video files. A tool like Hippo Video also has top-notch editing features that help you create polished videos in no time.

Those looking to screen record using an Android device, AZ screen recorder is the right fit for you. From HD quality videos to pausing and resuming while recording, this app is perfect for your device.

If you want to capture live streaming, live chats, and how-to videos, with lots of multi-video format support, Apowersoft is ideal. And finally, for quick uploading videos, Screen-o-matic is perfect as it records your videos in standard resolution, resulting in a lighter video file. 

Which of these online screen recorder tools have you used? Let us know in the comments.