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Free Screen Recorder to Capture Every Detail on Video

Capture & Send Minute Details Now with Hippo Video

Seamless Screen Capture

Capture your screen in seconds with Hippo Video. Seamless screen recorder and screen capture tool with videos in HD quality. Highlight clicks, focus, edit, erase, pause, and play while you screen record to communicate easily.

Screen Record with No Watermark

Worried about watermarks on your video? Not anymore! With Hippo Video you can record your screen with No Watermark. Record videos to then edit them and send them with zero watermarks on the video.

Record Screen Videos Anywhere

Record on the go like a pro! Let it be with your PC, Windows Laptop, a Mac, or even a mobile you can record videos with webcam and screen record simultaneously at any point in time with audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

True to its name, screen recording refers to recording anything that’s happening on your computer’s screen. Right from demonstrating how a product works, to giving presentations, a screen recorder is a handy way of allowing users to visually see the information in the same way as the sharer.
How to Accelerate Your Sales with Hippo Video
A detailed product walkthrough and a live Q&A to get answer on video for sales.

November 04 | Time: 11.30am EST