Selling the Async Way: Create high-converting sales experiences with video sales pages

Personalized video sales pages energizes your outreach efforts. They help connect with your prospects better and increase your conversion rate.

According to Statistic Brain, only 4% of page views get more than 10 minutes of a user’s attention.

Which means, despite having a perfect sales page with an ideal mix of features—a pleasant theme, compelling headline, persuasive copy, fitting offer, and enticing images—the probability of conversion is low. Then how do you get your prospects past the CTA button?

The solution is personalization plus interaction. And this is exactly why you need to have personalized video sales pages to energize your outreach efforts. Videos pack an emotional punch and humanize communication. They help to connect with your prospects better and increase your conversion rate.

Why Video Sales Pages?

Video Sales Page
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Eliminate uncertainty and establish trust

The present sales environment is extremely noisy, and prospects have tons of emails or sales pages soliciting their attention. Hence, they have all the reasons to ignore it—they don’t know who you are, what you do, and what your outreach is about. However, this can be undone by adding a small webcam video on the sales page to warm them up, diffuse the uncertainty, and quickly establish trust.

Share more, fast

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. So, if not videos, then imagine how many static sales pages you need to create to get that one lead. This is the power of videos. Telling people about your product or service and making them understand what you do is a time-intensive task. But, showing your product in action would be both effective and easy-to-understand.

Reading Vs Watching

Reading is a passive activity and is driven by our mindset at the moment. So chances are, when you reach out to your readers with a long sales page when they are not in a great mood, they might add a pessimistic slant to it. On the contrary, watching videos is an active act that can provide your viewers with an immersive experience, transporting them to your world. So the chances of conversions with a video sales page are much higher than with a static text one.

Keep your calendar free

One of the biggest disadvantages of the virtual/hybrid sales era is fatigue that sets in after a long day of Zoom meetings. However, videos can be a great counter to it. They provide more visual detail and clarity than text messages, without adding another appointment to your calendar. Plus, they give your prospects the liberty to share the video with other stakeholders and also allow them to watch it as many times as they want. So now your schedule is free for more productive tasks. It’s a win for all with videos.

How to craft an effective video sales page?

Know your audience

You need to devise a video sales page that your prospects will want to watch. Though this is a sub-standard piece of advice, it’s the most crucial one and often gets missed when our focus is just on our product and its sales. So, knowing your audience—who they are, their pain points, and what in your offerings is most important for them to know—will help you go a long way.

Plan your content

These are the main components a video sales page would have—the video, supporting documents, headline and content, and a CTA. But, if all these components are not in sync with a singular goal, then it may confuse your audience and lower your chances of conversion. Therefore, align with your audience’s intent and draft your sales page content and video script. Similarly, include all of the information that will prompt your viewers to take the appropriate action.

A/B test the versions

I just cannot emphasize enough the importance of passing any sales asset through a litmus test. Playing with templates, trying different CTAs, etc., and testing them out to see their effectiveness might be an added task. But, in the long run, being aware of these small changes will not only equip you with best-selling techniques but will also help you understand your prospects’ psychology.

Personalize the message

Template Builder

Imagine when your prospect opens your video sales page and views your video—you address them by their name, highlight the challenges they’re facing, and provide the solution that they have been looking for. Don’t you think the chances of them booking a meeting with you would grow manifold? And, if you agree, but think making personalized videos is time consuming, then check out Hippo Video’s ‘Video Automation‘ Feature. It helps you pre-record the demo pitch and quickly stitch it together with personalized intros and outros as required for each of the prospects.

Optimize your video sales page

Since video is the main hero of a video sales page, most optimization would revolve around it. And so, recording an HD-quality video, adding video subtitles, creating enticing thumbnails (preferably GIFs), adding compelling copies, and personalization fields keeps the video aesthetically pleasing as well as helps put across your message better.

Track, follow-up, and repeat

Video Analytics
Video Analytics

Digital sales provide us with the biggest advantage in analytics. And, with platforms like Hippo Video, you can add tracking codes to your video sales pages and monitor user behavior. It also provides real-time reporting and notifications on the prospects’ engagement with your video. This way, you can follow-up with your prospects and direct them towards the appropriate action without any delay.

Do you have the right tool to do this?

If you’re wondering that making a video sales page is a tough row to hoe, then check out Hippo Video. We have numerous templates that you can use to suit your outreach needs and record 3X response rates. You can record and edit videos, draft sales pages, and send to your prospects directly from the platform. If you need more information on this or any other video engagement needs, then book a quick demo and talk to our experts.