3 Secrets that Every Successful Salesperson Must Master

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Jennifer Gluckow, CEO at Sales in a New York Minute helps companies adopt best sales strategies and multiply sales. Jennifer rapidly rose through the ranks of a leading Fortune 500 company as a superstar Salesperson, National Sales Manager, and second in command of Sales. She is also the author of a bestseller that aims at mastering the art of sales.

She was featured on our webinar on our #Limitless webinar series on 06 November 2019 to discuss the ‘3 Secrets that Every Successful Salesperson Must Master.’ Here are the key takeaways from this webinar.

  • The one thing that the most successful salespeople have in common
  • The one core loss that will lead to major gains
  • A rock-solid client connection formula to close more deals immediately
  • Q&A

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Sanjana Murali: S.M

Jennifer Gluckow: J.G

Webinar Transcript: 

S.M: Oh my God, we have like 15 attendees.

J.G: I love it. 

S.M: Oh my God, it’s increasing. Welcome everyone. We’ve got like 20 attendees now. 

J.G: I love it. It’s awesome. 

S.M: Okay. So guys, welcome everyone. In the next 60 minutes, you’re going to hear from Jennifer Gluckow Gitomer. Jen is the superstar salesperson and the best-selling author of Sales in a New York minute. Guys, just to set the tone here. If you have any questions, you have Q&A there. Send in your questions, Jen will answer them live. I think we can get started, we have like close to 40 attendees. 

J.G: Wow, this is amazing, I love it.

S.M: Yeah, let me quickly share my screen. There we go. So welcome everyone for joining our limitless webinar series. We host two to three webinars every month with great sales and marketing influences. Glad you could join the webinar today. The agenda is very simple. I will introduce you to Hippo video. I promise it won’t take more than five minutes. It’s just two slides and one video. So a quick introduction about me. I am a product marketer at Hippo video. I contribute guest post at G2 crowd, SimCopa, forest etc. Hippo video is the video personalization and distribution platform, predominantly, used by STRs, Account Executives, CXOs, end marketers from enterprises and assemblies. So with Hippo video, you can take one single video, personalize it, so that every contact in your email list gets unique video experiences from a single video asset. So if you could leverage unique video experiences for every prospect in your contact list, that will save you a lot of your time and help you close deals faster. So you all know videos are currently exploding the marketplace and videos are being used in different processes, different streams in the industry. Be it marketing, sales, support, campaigns, training. So once you have these video assets, you distribute it via blogs, websites, emails. So all these workflows are built inside Hippo video. Let me quickly show you a video on how you can humanize your sales process using Hippo video. 


Every day sales reps send hundreds of mundane text, emails, hoping to get a response or a meeting. If you are one of them, we know your struggle. However the prospect is all these texts emails look the same. How can inside sales break through this noise to stand out? Simple, by humanizing your selling with personalized videos. Start by including videos in your sales outreach. Record a quick intro video, edit it online, personalize the thumbnail and send it via email. Video email humanizes your conversations, makes you look real, and get you those coveted responses. Add interactive calls to action in your videos to encourage your viewers to book more meetings. Account executives can also make the best use of Hippo video. Include personalized sales pages in your emails to move your prospects quickly through the sales funnel. Hippo video lets you personalize your entire sales page with the curated content that instantly connects with your prospects. You can pin quick video intros, product demos, customer testimonials, and contract PDFs on the same page and share it. Hippo video provides a real-time viewer analytics to help you see how your potential customers engage. Based on the analytics, you can easily plan your follow-ups and close deals effectively. Hippo video is integrated with popular sales platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, Marketo, outlook, Gmail, and MailChimp. You don’t have to juggle between tabs to set your video sales funnels in action. Using Hippo video, sales teams can seamlessly convert leads into customers by incorporating videos throughout their buyers’ journey. Isn’t that wow? Use videos to speed up your sales and sell your brand better. 

S.M: So this is how you can create personalized video using Hippo video itself. If you have any questions on how to use Hippo video for your business, reach out to me on LinkedIn, I can help you with it. So that’s it about Hippo video and how you can use Hippo video for your business. Now, let me introduce our guest Jennifer Gluckow Gitomer. So Jennifer helps companies adopt best sales strategies and multiply sales to her great sales trainings. Jennifer is the superstar salesperson. She is also known as the National Sales Manager and second-in-command of sales. She is also the author of sales in a New York minute, which is a best-selling book. She’s also the host of the renowned sell or die podcast with Jeffrey Gitomer. Just a second. So yeah, that’s it from my side. Now, I think Jen you can take over. I’ll stop sharing my screen. 

J.G: Okay, terrific. Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here. I see a bunch of familiar names in the chat. So if I know you this is me, personally, saying, hey Amy, Anthony. Oh wow, Susie, hey! Okay, you guys, you don’t know Susie. She sells meat but Hippo video is literally the best thing ever been created since Susie Straus Burgers meat that you can get that’s like unbelievable, if you eat meat. I am so excited to be here. We’re gonna dive in right now. I’m gonna be giving you three secrets that every successful salesperson must master to make the sales you deserve. Now can you guys… I don’t think you can see my screen yet so let me share that. All right. Can you see my screen? You’re on mute. 

S.M: Yeah, we can see.

J.G: Okay, awesome. So many people out there give you sales strategies and it just adds more to do to your list and you’re already doing so much. So one of the things that has been really intentional and what I’m about to give you is I’m gonna give you these three secrets to make the sales you deserve but it’s not gonna require working a ton more time, because that’s not something you wanted to do. I get it. You’re ready working your butt off, and so let’s do this. Now, I wanted to give you guys something special, so if you stay until the end, at the very end, I’m gonna give you my Ebook which is all about networking. People always ask me, Jen, where do I network? What are the best places to meet new people, to make new connections, to meet new prospects? I’m gonna be giving you my 57 places to network, but not just where to network, what to do once you get there. So I want to know if you guys can relate to these prompts here. Let me see if I can move my video. Okay, cool. I don’t know if you can see me zoom, video always gets in the way. Alright, so what I hear too often from salespeople is that they don’t even realize, and I don’t know if this is you or not, but oftentimes you’re relying too heavily on the features, the benefits, the presentation, to do the selling. So you feel like okay I have a slide deck and my slides are ready and so now I’m gonna walk in and win that sale because I’m gonna show up and throw up and give the customer every single thing they ever didn’t really want to know about my product. That is just not good. So instead, in today’s presentation, I’m gonna talk to you about how to transfer your winning beliefs to your customers. Because if you can feel the enthusiasm, if you can feel, as a customer, if you can feel their belief, the salespersons belief, then you’re gonna want to buy. So as the salesperson, you need to be able to transfer those winning beliefs and we’re going talk all about that. 

The next thing is, your thoughts are creating your outcomes. So often people are like, oh yeah, my thoughts are creating my outcomes. It sounds a little cliché and you know it deep inside but, too often, you don’t always have the best, most winning, most powerful thoughts that are gonna get you from where you are to exactly where you want to go. So you need strong thoughts, you don’t need that head trash. I literally had someone call me the other day and he was like Jen I know I have head trash. I’m like what? You’re making like a thing you have. No, it’s not a thing you have, it’s like in your body, it’s in your mind. So your thoughts need to be so freaking powerful and we’re gonna talk about how you can do that. The last thing is, and tell me in the chat if you can relate to this, but you’re not closing enough deals. It’s the end of the year. You’re thinking about, okay, how did I do this year? How many deals did I closed? What did I want to do? Where am I and relationship to quota? I know some of you out there, right now, are thinking this, and you’ve been thinking this. Not just because you’re on my webinar, but you’ve been thinking and reflecting about where you are and maybe you’re not in the exact place you want to be. So I’m gonna talk to you about how stronger relationships actually make closing easier. Because I never want you to feel like selling is sleazy or selling is something bad. No, selling is helping and you can be closing way more deals if you’re building those really strong relationships. Because then it no longer becomes about you selling, it’s all about them buying, and it’s a totally different thing. 

So I want to know I’m gonna open up these comments here. I think I have to stop my share for a second. Tell me in the comments can you relate to those. Oh look at that, guilty, I could always close more deals badly, need to close a few. Tell me where you are? Like what of those three things that I just mentioned, what do you relate to the most? I really really want to know. Looks like closing more deals though. Bad thoughts, yeah. Sometimes for a lot of people it’s like hard to admit that but we all have them, that’s the thing. So I don’t want you to feel alone. I need you to know that everyone has thoughts that they wish they could get rid of, everyone wants to close more deals. Cool, so here’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Today, you’re gonna leave here knowing the one thing… Hold on one second. Sorry, I have to put this chat away or it’s gonna get in the way. All right, you’re gonna leave here today knowing the one thing that most successful salespeople have in common and business people, and it’s the one thing that’s gonna lead you to massive success. The one core loss that’s gonna lead to major gain. So like I said at the beginning I’m not gonna give you a whole bunch new to do’s, I’m actually gonna help you take things away. And how you can create a rock-solid client connection formula so you can close more deals. Plus at the end of this, I’m gonna stick on here and give you Q&A. So if you are interested in asking questions, make sure you find that question, there’s a different thing for questions, and pop in the Q&A what you want to know. 

So here’s what I want to know, what do all of these successful businesspeople have in common, besides the fact that they’ve made tons of sales? Sara Blakely, she’s one of my favorite people on the planet. We haven’t even met yet but she is a favorite person I follow her. Do you have like people you stalk on Instagram, like I don’t want to sound scary, I’m not a creeper, but I love watching her stories, I can totally relate to her. If you don’t know who she is, she created Spanx for all my ladies out there and she went… She’s not like I think multi million or maybe even billion dollar empire. And she went through so many struggles because no one believed what she wanted to create would ever sell. So she couldn’t even get to knitting factories that would say yes to creating her prototypes but she did not give up. Then you take Mrs. Fields, look up Debbie Fields, you all have eaten like those cookies, they’re really good when they’re warm. Do you know that her own husband didn’t believe in her. Her own husband told her basically she was crazy and she should quit right away. The first day she opened up shop, she had no customers, and the second day, maybe one customer. Then she decided my cookies are freaking good, I believe in them, I know they’re amazing. She started giving them out and walking around and she had this amazing deep belief and she wasn’t gonna give up. 

successful salesperson

Walt Disney, Billy Joel, Oprah, all of these people have mastered the three strategies that I’m about to give you. So first, who am I? I’m an author. I wrote a book called Sales in a New York minute and it came out earlier this year. Every page in that book is a New York minute strategy. What does that mean? It means they’re fast, they’re to the point, they’re punchy. You can literally pick up the book on any page. You don’t just start at the beginning, although, I sort of suggest that you do but you can pick up the book anywhere. And in under 60 seconds in a New York minute, get a strategy and get the how to implement it and then begin implementing it that day. So you can get that on Amazon. I’m a speaker. I’ve traveled coast-to-coast giving talks to Fortune 500 companies and helping their sales teams make more sales and get the strategies they need to make more sales. I’m a wife and a mama. You may know my husband Jeffrey Gitomer. I have a stepdaughter Gabrielle, she’s 10, and I have two Cavalier King Charles, they don’t fit nicely on this slide. But if you follow me on Instagram, I promise you’ll get an overdose of puppy love. I’m a podcaster. The seller that I did podcast with have close to 2 million downloads now and we go live two to three days a week on the podcast. I’m an entrepreneur but I started out from the bottom, you guys. I started out as an executive assistant to the CEO at the company I worked for after college. In six and a half years, I got seven promotions working my way up from sales rep to sales manager to eventually leading the entire division of sales people, doing all the trainings, doing the profit loss, all that, doing the budgeting. 

I was doing things I didn’t even know were impacting the stock price of our company and I later found that out. I’ve been there. So I’m not one of these people who are gonna tell you this is what you need to sell but I’ve never sold a damn thing in my life. I’ve sold tons of stuff because I’ve been selling since I was five years old, okay. If you want to have a chat with me about it, I’ll tell you the whole history but I am a sales person, business person, just like you. 

Now, I have a pop quiz for you, to be successful at selling you need: 

  1. More selling strategies. 
  2. Mindset strategies. 

Seriously guys, you know you need both. No one ever wants to admit it because people always come to me and they say, Jen, I need more selling strategies. So just help me with like what do I do if… And here’s the deal: it’s not just about the selling strategies. Because in order to convince others you first need to convince yourself, you need to convince yourself before you can convince others, and that’s all part of the mindset. So I don’t know what you see here but I see a tree. I see a beautiful tree that’s been growing for years, that’s gotten proper water and nutrients, that’s green and just amazingly tall and beautiful and full. That’s what you see to the naked eye. But what you don’t see is all of the stuff that’s underneath, you don’t see the stuff below the surface. When you walk into a customer, your customer sees your products and their services, they see your offerings. But you all know that the customer is not going to I from you if they don’t know like and trust you, and that’s where that foundation, those roots, come into play. The roots are your strengths. They’re literally your growth mobile. They’re the thing that are gonna take you from where you are to where you wanna be. So that’s why I’m gonna focus first on your roots because you need to have deep rooted beliefs that what you offer is the best, because your beliefs determine your outcome. 

successful salesperson

So first let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what beliefs are. Beliefs are a state of mind and they are something that you believe inwards. It’s a conviction that you have inside of you. They’re emotional because you get all worked up about them because you believe them so strongly, but the truth is, they’re not always factual. You know, someone may believe that one president is great and someone may believe that one president is horrible. Those are beliefs, okay, and they think about how worked up people get over things like that. They’re so emotional because you’re convinced inwards. Beliefs create intention and actions. They’re the thing that literally drive you. So I want to know how deep is your belief. I’m gonna get into it the important parts of belief but I want you to start thinking about do you believe, do you believe in yourself, do you believe in what you’re selling, how deep is your belief. When I started selling Cutco knives at 16 or 17 years old, I loved the product. I hated to cook. But you know what? It didn’t matter. I knew that those knives made it easier in the kitchen. I would practice cutting stuff in the kitchen like cucumbers and carrots and chicken and whatever. I would use the scissors that they have that are so famous just because they were so strong and I could. I was convinced that they were the best, even the ice cream scoop. I ate so much freaking ice cream that year just because I wanted to show everyone how amazing that ice cream scooper is. It doesn’t sit on the counter, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, like the little scoopy part sits above the counter so it doesn’t get any germs. If you know like one thing about me, I hate germs. 

So literally I was convinced inwardly… This is like decades later, right, like over a decade later. Wow, I feel old, maybe two decades later almost. I am still telling you how freaking amazing this product is because that belief will never falter, that belief will never go away. If I didn’t believe strongly in that product, I couldn’t have sold it, I couldn’t have been one of the top salespeople there. Same thing with my next job when I sold educational software. Now I want you to think about what you’re selling. I want you to think about who you’re referring. Like do you have a doctor or a dentist or someone you tell all the other people in your network about? Do you have favorite wine? What’s something that you talk to other people about because you’re so convinced. Maybe it’s your child’s school that they go to the best school on the planet. But what is something that you are so convinced is amazing? I want you to capture literally like bottle up that feeling because that’s the kind of feeling you need about you and what you’re selling. I’m gonna give you an example. There were two classes of students, and this was a study that was done years ago. Cohort A, cohort B. All the students in each of the classes were pretty much equal. They had been tested, and you know, the average scores in both classes were pretty much exactly the same. However, cohort A, the teacher was told in cohort A that she had the smartest students. And cohort B, that teacher was told that he didn’t have smart students, that his students weren’t the brightest, actually they were intellectually late bloomers so to speak. 

successful salesperson

What happened is something known as the Pygmalion effect. The students in cohort A soared. So when they got tested again, their test scores were far superior to the students in cohort B. Now let me break it down what happened. Our beliefs about others. So the teachers in cohort A’s beliefs, influenced her actions towards her students which impacted her students’ beliefs and then caused them to create actions like maybe studying extra because they believed they were the smart kids. And then because they were doing that they reinforced the teacher’s beliefs. Okay. This is exactly what happens when you walk into your customer. Your beliefs, about whatever it is you’re selling, is going to influence your customers’ actions. That’s going to impact and that’s going to cause them to take action, that’s gonna either lead to sale or no sale. So this is why… And by the way if it continues to lead to no sale, it’s gonna reinforce your beliefs that may not be as strong as they need to be. But if it continues to lead to sale, it’s gonna reinforce your beliefs that you and what you’re selling are amazing. So we need to start out notice, it doesn’t start from the reinforcement part, it starts from our beliefs, it starts from what you’re believing. Because your thoughts, beliefs and actions are the exact reason where you are right now. Your thoughts create your beliefs and your beliefs create your actions, and those actions impact other people, and those actions impact your sales directly. 

Now, okay, Jen we get it, we need strong beliefs. How do we get those beliefs? I’m gonna tell you. Number one, you need to have self-belief that you’re the best. You need to believe in your ability to help others win. While I’m saying these I really like… You’re probably taking a screenshot and that’s totally cool, I want you to write yourself, how good are you at that. Because it doesn’t matter if you know these things, it doesn’t matter if you know you need great beliefs. But like on a scale of one to ten, how strong is your belief in yourself, believe in your abilities to help others when, belief that your company is the best, your products and service is the best? When you walk into the sale, do you assume the sale or do you think I wonder if I’m going to get that sale today? Because that belief that you’re gonna close the deal is actually going to impact the actions you take during the entire sale. At the end of the day, you need to believe that your products and services will have a positive and profitable impact on your clients after they purchase. Self-belief creates best. It all starts with yourself. So you can have all of these beliefs, but if you don’t first believe in yourself, you can’t get to best, and so that’s why I’m harping on this. I want you to score 10 10 10 10 10 on all of these so that you can begin to create best. Your goal is to transfer your positive beliefs to your customers. 

Now, you’re probably wondering some of you, and I don’t know if you’re like in the chat thing, I can’t see it until I stop sharing, but some of you are probably wondering how do I strengthen my beliefs? I didn’t score tens on all of them. I got you. First of all, you need to focus on improving the areas where you rated yourself low. So you go back here, okay, you take a screenshot, you figure out, you circle, you print off, whatever you need to do, you mark down where you’re not the strongest. And be real with yourself, do not lie to yourself, because this is key. Then you focus on improving those areas where you rated low. Next, you need to hang around believers. The quality of your life is determined by the people you hang out with. If you hang out with people who are like Debbie downers, non-believers, they don’t think you can get enough sales, they’re worried about money, that kind of thing, that’s gonna rub off on you. So you may need to make some intentional decisions to remove some people from your life if they’re not the most positive people. I want you to really think about that because it’s three words but it’s major. You need to talk to customer believers. Sit down with a customer, take them to coffee, take them to lunch, find out why they believe. You guys know that Hippo video is sponsoring this webinar, okay. Hey, I’m a Hippo video user. So imagine if they sat down with me, if someone who’s new to their sales team sat down with me, and I was like oh my God, I live and breathe by Hippo video, here’s why, here’s the impact it’s had, you know Mary on our team just got this amazing sale from video-based selling. All of the sudden, it’s not just their training material saying how great they are, I’m customer proof. So you need to hear from your customers how great your products and services are. When I started selling educational software, I spent days in schools. I spent days of my time not selling. I spent days talking to teachers and principals and students and learning how they were impacted by our solutions. It was only after I did that that I could create the strong enough belief that I needed to become one of the top salespeople. You need to concentrate on your morning self, and sometimes that means reading to believe, reading something positive, reading something that’s going to help you become a believer, something that’s gonna help you grow. Invest time in you. I personally read ten pages of a book, whatever book I’m reading at the moment, every single morning, it’s become a routine. 

Then you need to journal and to firm your beliefs. I’m not all of that like mine said where are people… So here’s the issue with affirmations, okay. People are like oh I’m rich, but like deep down you don’t feel rich. So you can’t keep saying I’m rich because your mind is thinking but I’m not, like I don’t have the money I need. I’m wealthy but I’m not. So rather than just make an affirmation that you find on the Internet, I need you to make affirmations that you can actually believe in. So for example, instead of saying like I’m richer, I’m wealthy, maybe you could say I have all the tools I need to become wealthy. Because that’s something that you can believe, and you can continue to affirm that every single day. I have all the tools I need within me to make all the sales I need before the end of the year. That’s something you can get on board with. Now here’s the thing about beliefs, they change as you grow and experience life. Sometimes they change dramatically, sometimes they change ever so slightly and sometimes while they may be changing for the better, they also may change for the worst. This is a picture of two types of people with two types of beliefs. Person on the left, they both had the exact same amount of failures, but unsuccessful people begin to stack up those failures like it’s like this heavy brick weighing on their head or weighing on their shoulders. Whereas, successful people use those failures as learning lessons and as building blocks. The difference between these two people is the meaning they place on failure. I’m saying that super slowly because I really need you to get that. There’s one difference, and that difference is the meaning they place on that one failure. 

I want you to think about when you don’t get a sale or you can’t get through to the decision maker or you’re struggling to hear back after you send that proposal, what’s the meaning you place on that? Because in reality, the only meaning is that you didn’t hear back. But our thoughts start to create these meanings that create interpretations based on our beliefs that may or may not be true. So if you’re thinking, oh no, this person didn’t get back to me that means they’ll never buy. But you have no idea what’s going on in their life and maybe they’ve been away on vacation for two weeks or maybe they’re out sick or whatever, you’re creating a meaning that’s not necessarily there and then you’re taking that meaning and making actions like potentially not following up because of that. Here’s another point to prove that, this is… It’s raining, okay. What happens when it rains? People are like oh no, it’s the worst day ever, it’s raining. Seriously? I go outside. I jump up and down and I’m like yes I get to walk the dogs in the rain and get a little sprinkle on my end, it’s all good. You know why? Because the rain isn’t bad, the rain is just the rain. You automatically create, mean it happens all the time. I just want you to think about this. The next time it’s raining out, what kind of meaning are you placing on the rain, because that’s going over into what kind of meeting you’re placing on sales. Maybe what kind of meaning you’re placing on not making enough sales or not making what you had hoped for. I want you to think about do you allow outside things to influence your inside thinking? Here’s the deal. We all start with a blank slate with an open mind. We get taught, as young kids, most of us at least, that you get to believe anything you want. Then all of the sudden something happens that gets in the way of that. You lose the sale, you lose an opportunity, you don’t get picked, you don’t get called on, whatever it may be. We create these meanings, and we create these blurs, and all of the sudden the anything and everything is possible begins to get more and more and more blurry. So I need you to decide are you gonna have limited thinking and limited beliefs or unlimited beliefs. Like they like to call, in their webinar series, limitless. 

That brings me to secret number two. Some of you were saying at the very beginning, you have these negative thoughts or thoughts that are obstacles getting in your way. Here’s the deal, you are the brave one to admit it, every person on the planet has those thoughts. Even that list of the most successful people that I showed, or not the most successful people but some of the successful people that I showed you at the beginning, they all have those thoughts too and they’ve spoken about it. I study it and it’s amazing because the difference between where they are now and where they were comes through their ability to break through those limiting beliefs. So the meaning you create about something is equal to your beliefs. If you believe you can, it’s more likely that you will. It’s not definite, it’s not like oh I believed I can so I did. That’s a little bit BS. But if you believe you can, it’s more likely you will. So I want you to really think about this. If your belief in yourself was stronger, what three actions would you take right now? I want you to take a minute to write those three actions down to yourself. Maybe it’s calling the customer, maybe it’s quitting your job so you can start that business you were trying to do on the side, maybe it’s whatever maybe… I’ve had so many amazing breakthroughs come from thinking about if I had a 10.0 belief in myself, what three actions I would take right now. I want you to think about that and write that down to yourself. 

While you’re doing that I’m gonna grab some water. Now, I want you to choose one of those actions and I want you to do it because you need to start proving to yourself that you can do it. Now, many of us have limiting beliefs, actually, probably, all of us. You’re like, what’s a limiting belief, where is this thing coming from? I have great beliefs. Okay, you believe that was too easy so it couldn’t be right or success takes hard work. I can’t be successful unless I work all the time. Who? Me? I’m not an expert. They don’t care what I have to say or I don’t deserve that or I can’t go to networking events because I’m an introvert. Guess what guys? I am an introvert. I don’t have enough money or I can’t because I have kids, I’m too old, I’m too young, it’s a male’s world, and there’s that glass ceiling, I don’t feel I can give enough value, selling… These are all limiting beliefs. And here’s some more; I can make money but I can’t save money, I’m not funny enough, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have the confidence, I don’t have enough time, I don’t know where to start. These are all limiting beliefs and I want you to think about, can you relate to any of these. List the two things that are limiting you the most, because those are the two things you’re going to begin to work on to overcome. 

Now, I’m gonna give you my process to our place limiting beliefs with new and more productive beliefs. Number one, you need to identify the limiting belief. I just gave you a list of who knows how many of the limiting beliefs. There are so many more out there unfortunately. So you need to think about what are yours, and then you need to think about, how can I change this belief, where did this belief come from, why did I start thinking about that and what is a new belief I can believe? Instead, it has to be something you really can believe. Then you need to start collecting evidence, like a scientist, to reinforce your new belief. I’m all about living life like a science experiment, just try things. Then you need to sell yourself. Use your sales power you have it within you. You need to sell yourself that that new belief is possible. And that’s when you can replace your old belief with a powerful new one. Once you do that, you need to keep that intention and then take actions to reinforce that new belief. The only way this is all going to come true is if you do number six. So you go through the whole process and then you begin to take actions that are stemmed from your new belief. So for example, let’s say you’re worried about how something’s gonna turn out and you get this new belief of your success is inevitable. Yeah, it’s a little cliché, I know. But you begin to really believe that and then you start collecting evidence from all the history of like wait a minute, there was this time and this time and this time. And those were all successful and, you know, for like most people maybe they wouldn’t have been. So my success is inevitable and now you can begin to sell yourself on that and replace your old belief that maybe it wasn’t inevitable. Then you need to take actions from the place of inevitability. Imagine, if you’re taking actions based on, well this might fail. You’re gonna take failing actions versus if you’re taking actions from this is gonna happen. 

Then secret three: in order to close more deals you need to strengthen your relationships. Here’s my five step process to creating rock-solid connections. Number one, talk to everyone. My husband is amazing at this. I am not the greatest. Because like I said, I’m a little bit introverted, however, I try. Just the other day we were at a dinner with each other and Gabrielle, our ten-year-old, and Jeffrey starts talking to the people next to us about their wine. We don’t even really drink wine unless it’s like a special occasion or in Paris and he’s asking them questions about their wine. It turns out, we get in this long conversation, they love clean wine, I’m selling clean wine, and they want to buy the clean wine. I’m working with Jeffrey’s older daughter Rebecca to sell this clean amazing sulphide free wine or whatever. And it’s like boom! If we hadn’t connected with them, we would never have made that connection. Then the next night we’re at another restaurant and we could tell the people were a little bit new to the restaurant because they didn’t know like there’s like standard things you order at this restaurant, and they didn’t know what was up. So we order them like a chili trial plate. We get them all these things and we become literally like friends with them. I have their texts, I have their Facebook, they just moved to the area. Literally, I could see myself being lifelong friends with the wife. It’s all because we did this entire process. We talked to them, we asked questions about them, we learned that they had just moved here from Winston-Salem. We were genuinely interested, we found things in common, we have the same religion. We told them where to go celebrate Friday night services. We gave value first, I gave them all of my local vendors in Charlotte like my hairdresser, my nail place, where to get your groceries, all the things, dry cleaners, all the things that you might care about. Those are girly things but… That you might care about when you move to a new place. Then we did step five. Again, just like in the last process, this is the most important one, the personal connection follow up. It’s not just any more about writing a text message or an email or a Facebook message or a DM on Instagram being like, hey, it was great meeting you blah blah blah. Oh no, now it’s one step further. If you want to solidify relationships, you need to do what I’m doing all the time. Which is, I pull out my phone and I create a video, because that creates connection. When you type words, people can’t tell the tone? But when they hear you say them, all of the sudden, they can, and they feel more connected to you. The best way to create a personal connection follow-up is with video 100% of the time. Not sometimes, not like when you have this really special potential customer, but every single time. And it takes like a second, actually, for me, it’s quicker and then figuring out what are the exact right words to say. It’s so much easier to just pop up your phone. It’d be like hey, Mary, it was amazing meeting you last week… And you send it off. 

I’m gonna show you what I do and this is not just because it’s on Hippo video webinar, this is legit what I do. I use Hippo video, which is Hippovideo.io, and I send my messages right through here. They can make them embedded in the email and make them look like a gif or gif or… I think gif is the peanut butter so it’s like gif where like you’re moving and like I’ll be like this like with the person’s name or you know like Mary did an amazing one where she was dancing for our customer like a cute little you know way that got their attention. They showed it to everyone on their team. This is the thing, video. Whether you use Hippo video or not but I recommend Hippo video. Video is the thing that’s going to create the difference between a blah follow-up and a personal connection follow-up every single time. 

successful salesperson

Now, I want to know about you and I’m gonna actually stop sharing my screen in a second so I can see the chap but like how do you create personal connection follow-up right now and how often do you do it, how well do you do it? I’d really like to know what’s going on in your world, and there is so many chats that I’m behind on. It works every time. I rely on personal visits. Yes, and that’s so good. Inviting to lunch is so good, but what happens after you meet in person? That’s when you send the proposal. You can’t send the proposal or the follow-up note without a video every single time. Phone calls are great and zoom meetings like this where you can see each other are great but I’m telling you the difference in my sales and my selling that has really skyrocketed is due to videos. Now I want to show you this because I’m not quite done yet. I know we’re getting close to time. I promised you a free ebook. All you need to do is go to 57networking.com and you will get that ebook, 57networking.com. That ebook is all yours. It’s the 57 places to network and what to do once you get there. I’m gonna end with this: people like to say the ABCs, I’m gonna give you my ABG’s of success. Always Be Grateful. And that’s it. I am so grateful for you, for your time, your attention, your support. It’s my pleasure to serve you. If you want more of me, go to JennGitomer.com or follow me on Instagram, I’m all about the grams. I will DM, respond to you personally, it is not someone else on the other line, it’s me at Jenn Gitomer. And now it’s time for Q&A. 

S.M: Thank you, Jenn, for such an insightful webinar. We have like 67 questions for you. The first question is how to overcome the thinking of monotony in sales? 

J.G: Well if you… Okay, so the way that question is worded makes me think that you’re already thinking with monotony. How to overcome it is read a book on creativity, read a book on getting creating new ideas. The book I like on creativity that Jeffrey, my husband, recommends as well is called Thinker Toys. It’s by Michael Mihalko and it’s an amazing book and it gives you a process called the Scamper Method, which we follow, and it gives you a process to overcome that boring thinking and to really get creative. But it begins with you believing that you can be creative.

S.M: Oaky. The next question is, how do land meetings with c-suite you have never met before? 

J.G: Send them a video, tell them you want to interview them, and showcase their work on your blog. You need to put them up because if you’re just like trying to get a meeting with no value and you’ll see if you guys remember like in this process that I showed you. Let’s see, that I showed you here. Number four, is give value first. So think about what kind of value are you offering to that c-suite. If you’re just trying to get a meeting to sell them something, that’s not value. So think about maybe you launch a podcast and you tell them you want to make them a guest, maybe you do a vlog or a blog and you make them the featured person that week. So think about how you can give them value. 

S.M: Okay, and the next question is: I understand that you use a lot of videos in your sales outreach, could you tell us a little about that? 

J.G: Sure, okay. So I do it every step of the way. Like right after we meet, I send them a video. Literally, you guys, this does not need to be like lights camera action, this is cell phone, okay. I send them a video being like hey it was so great to meet you, I’m looking forward to all the next steps we talked about blah blah blah. I tell every step of the sales process. I give them a video message. Next step, maybe I’m sending a proposal. I talk to them about the video. I’m like look, about the proposal, look you’re gonna get this proposal but you’re gonna be staring at a piece of paper and if you’re like everyone else I know, you’re just gonna scroll all the way to the bottom to look at the price. I want to make sure that these three things, and keep them brief, these three things get across before you do that because these are the important things that of note before we work together. Then, once we’re working together or if they haven’t responded I send more videos, but then once we’re working together, I send them thank-you videos. Like it’s so great working with you, here’s one of the things I love about working together. It changes someone’s day when they get it. By the way, this does not need to be with just customers. I send my grandma video messages. Okay, she kwels, she loves. It’s a Jewish word. But she loves it. You can send it to any family member. Like why send a boring text when you could send a video message? Text are over, but anyway. 

S.M: Absolutely. We have another question. What do you do when someone is difficult to talk to or make that connection with? 

J.G: Say it again, what do you do when someone’s difficult to talk to…? 

S.M: Or make that connection. 

J.G: You keep trying, you don’t give up, you figure out why you believe, what point of your belief system feels like that you can help them. Once you know, and you’re convinced with deep conviction that you can help them, then you need to get in touch with them. You need to do everything in your power, you need to go network, you need to go figure out through LinkedIn, who knows them that maybe you want to make an introduction. You need to email them with value, give them video messages of value, you need to follow them on all their social media and really connect with them. You don’t give up. If you’re convinced you can help them, keep trying. 

S.M: Okay, and then there’s one more question. It says, are these video messages sent to their email or direct phone number? 

J.G: It depends. So some of my really good connections will give me their cell phone and I’ll send it to their cell phone, and others of them, I have their email, in especially my prospecting lists, I have their emails and I send it through Hippo, I Hippo them. Right, that’s like literally we use it as a verb here. It’s not just like I send them a video message. No, I Hippo them, and that’s how we do it. We all send video messages. 

S.M: That’s great. So we’re selling our product to top enterprises and our sales cycles are typically 1 to 1.5 year. Motivating sales reps and making them believe is really hard since they only see dollars after one year of effort. Any tips to keep team motivated for a year until they see that first dollars? 

J.G: Yes, remind them, through showing not telling, you need to figure out a way to remind them why they got into this in the first place. Maybe it’s for a cause, maybe it’s the impact it’s having. Have them go visit. I know I like gloss over this but this is so key, have them go visit current customers. Because feeling that impact is that you’re making with your service or product is so different than telling them how great the impact is. Like I can tell you Hippo video is amazing, but once I show you the impact it’s making, you’re like oh. So you need to do the same thing, that’s how you keep them engaged. You make them go visit customers, you make them go talk about how it’s changing their lives to work with you guys. 

S.M: So here we have our last question. Which says, how to deal with some restricted customers say government officials, defense personnel, people not easily accessible? 

J.G: This is the world of the Internet. You can find anybody, literally, you can find anybody. There are programs, we use one called mix-match, but there are programs that will help you get leadless that you need and to find the people in the industry that you’re trying to serve. If you can’t find them online, go to networking events. Guess what? Those government officials and those other people who may be like, I don’t know, secretive online are not putting themselves out there online, they’re going to events., they’re going to education events. They’re out there somewhere and so download that ebook of mine and figure out, of all the places I’ve given you, the 57 places, where are they hanging out and go hang out where they’re hanging out. 

S.M: Okay, thank you Jen. Thanks a lot for doing this webinar with us. I’m sure the audience loved it. Thanks a lot to all the attendees for joining today. We also send you the webinar recordings so you can listen to it again, take notes and share it with your team as well. Thank you Jenn for joining. Thanks a lot to all the attendees. Thank you.

J.G: This is so much fun. Thank you. 

S.M: Thank you Jenn. Bye! 

J.G: Bye!

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