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Which platform or medium does your business often use to communicate with your customers?

Let me list out a few options: email, phone call, SMS, and face-to-face.

Naturally, most of us choose emails as we have used them for a long time and for every occasion. Starting from lead nurturing, customer onboarding, newsletters, birthday wishes, Christmas wishes, and whatnot.

On top of that, an average person receives 200+ emails per day. That’s a huge number!

Customers always yearn for real and genuine communication. Not scripted like conventional emails, as they make your customers yawn. (By conventional I meant text-only emails.) And the worst part is, they might simply ignore you and your countless hours of efforts.

As emails have become more common with generic messages, isn’t it the right time to upgrade your style of emailing to help them stand out?

‘What’s the latest trend that is loved by people and seizes their attention?’

I will raise my hand for ‘PERSONALIZED VIDEOS.’ 🙋🏻

Lately, businesses have started brewing personalized videos to shine in their buyer’s lifecycle. Video marketing is ruling the roostHow about taking this opportunity and include a personalized video in your emails? If you ask me, I’d say ‘Grab the chance when you have it!’

So, where do you start?

Let’s start with what is Video Personalization?

In short, video personalization is incorporating data into the video that’s tailored to the intended recipient. Data such as name, company, email, and images are used to personalize a video. A personalized video is unique to each viewer.

Sounds cool, right?

personalized video

Why should you use Personalized Video Emails?

These are a few perks of including a personalized video in your emails:

Improves customer experience

As personalized videos carry the data and insights tailored to each viewer, they help you create friendly connections with your customers. In turn, delivering a valuable experience.

Capture your customers’ attention

Personalized videos help you keep your viewer’s attention intact, throughout the video. This way, the information you’re trying to convey will be consumed by your customers more efficiently.

Improved CTRs and conversions

When a personalized video is included in your email, it helps you improve click-through rates dramatically and drive your sales. In numbers, you could improve click-through rates by 5 times and returns by 280% than standard or conventional emails.

Connects with your customers on a personal level

Personalized videos are also the secret weapon to connect with your customers on a deeper level. When your customers see the unique information about them, or their company, it helps them connect with your brand on a more personal level.

Boosts your customer retention

Customer retention depends on your customer trust and their engagement towards your brand. A personalized video is just the ally you need to improve your customer retention, as it helps in building customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Also when I say, you can send a personalized video campaign before you finish your coffee, I’m not kidding!

Personalizing a video is as easy as sipping that coffee as Hippo Video does the heavy lifting. 

Now let’s see how to personalized video message and launch a video email campaign in minutes.

personalized video

Send personalized video email campaign with Hippo Video.

Get your video ready

When you think of recording a video, do you imagine a lot of heavy equipment and people running around? Well, that’s never the situation with Hippo Video. 

Create expert videos and edit them without any hassle, right from where you are. 

To begin, choose your options from the screen, webcam, and audio or a combo of all these to kick-start your video creation. If you already have a video recording, you can choose to import it.

If you’re in a rush to create a video or want a ready-made video, choose a video template that suits your goal, from the library.personalized video

Add the magic of personalization

When’s the last time you sent a personalized email to your customers? 

This time, surprise them with a personalized video instead. And yes, personalization is magic. Because they always give you the best results. 

Once you have your video ready, personalize it with the content that means to your customers, to gain their attention. To personalize, type ‘$’ and select the merge fields to insert in your video. The added merge fields will be then replaced with the curated data of your customers or prospects.

Import your contacts to Hippo Video

This is where you put all your customer data in action and create unique videos tailored for each viewer. Hippo Video allows you to add your contacts manually or import from Google Spreadsheet and Google Contacts. To curate your customer’s data, choose to import a Spreadsheet. Prepare your file with the right title for each column in the top row, for the merge fields to work.

Compose your email copy

Don’t stop at personalizing your videos alone. 

Hippo Video empowers you to personalize your email copy as well. Fill your email content in the compose pane and follow the same drill to personalize your email content – Type ‘$’ and select a merge field. This will make it a full-fledged personalized video message.

Launch your campaign

If you’re all set and confident about your personalized video email, hit the ‘SEND’ button to take off your campaign.

And, this is how your campaign looks like in action.

personalized video

Tips you can follow to make your personalized video email stand out:

  • To avoid emails landing in your recipients’ spam folders, accompany your video with relevant text.
  • Don’t let your video fizzle out. Inspire your customers to take the desired action by including a CTA button at the end of your video.
  • Avoid injecting too many merge fields to personalize your videos, as they may reduce your viewer focus on the video content.
  • Try including the word “video” in your subject line. It increases your email open rates.
  • And, never enable video autoplay. Leave the choice to your customer to watch your video or not.
  • Keep your personalized video between 30-90 seconds long to capture your customer’s attention throughout the video.
  • Always double check your video (for the merge fields) and spreadsheet (for the user information), before launching your campaign.

Now that you’ve mastered launching a perfect personalized video email campaign, what’s next?

Well, you can analyze how your campaign performs, while having the last sip of your coffee. Hippo Video offers detailed video and viewer performance reports.


Your turn

Now you have a platform and step-by-step process of creating a personalized video email campaign. Are you ready to personalize your customer journey and experience?

Let us know your experience in the comments below! Feel free to ask any questions about video personalization.

personalized video

Saketa is a Product Marketer at Hippo Video. She is an aficionado of video selling and an avid listener of true crime podcasts. On the flip side, she enjoys leisurely mornings and adventures.
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