Re-imagining the sales strategy – What makes it the need of the hour?

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Limitless Webinar Series brings yet another webinar where we share industry experience, strategy, best practices and most importantly actionable inputs that you can readily implement.

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Featuring Sandy, marketing and communications specialist at Hippo Video, this webinar helps sales professionals on how to re-imagine their sales strategy using videos. Let’s dive in. 

The webinar is all about re-imagining your sales strategy with videos and we have covered 

  • strategies for remote-working sales teams, 
  • how to use video to increase productivity in your sales outreach, 
  • improve your prospect engagement with personalized videos, 
  • pointers on tracking and closing deals with effective video communication. 

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Question: Why should you re-imagine your sales strategy?

The situation we are facing right now is unprecedented. It is one of the biggest news stories right now. It has affected various industries from travel to industry events to global supply chains. None of us has seen anything like this in the last 100 years. Be it governments or businesses, there is no playbook or manual on how to handle this situation. While the governments are discussing trillion-dollar stimulus packages, businesses have to try to keep their head above water.

Question: Why is it time for businesses to be brave and creative?

With social distancing having become the norm, sales teams have no other option other than selling remotely. So sales folks need new tools, new  strategies and new tactics to adapt to this situation. The idea is not just to survive but thrive and come out stronger. It is essential that sales professionals have to find new and creative ways to sell. 

Question: How to re-channelize remote selling?

There are a couple of things here. There are some things you shouldn’t do. A big No to some of the things we have already been doing. 

Second, we need to re-think the selling channels. We can definitely learn some things from the countries that are 2-3 weeks ahead of this. We can look at the things businesses are doing and we can learn a lot from them.

Most importantly, we need to rethink the way we prospect, we nurture, generate leads, qualify leads, and close them.

Question: What has changed in sales?

All your prospects are working from home and so are you. You might have had a target of getting X number of meetings in the month of May. That is not happening.

Almost all the events and conferences are either canceled, postponed, or have gone virtual. So almost every salesperson is an inside sales representative. You have no chance of meeting your prospect in-person.

Question: What you should be doing to increase sales?

First thing is to have empathy. Second, be authentic. Third, genuinely try to help. 

Register here to watch the complete webinar now. 

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