How Video Content Helps Sales Reps Close More Deals

How Video Content Helps Sales Reps Close More Deals

How essential is video when it comes to winning more deals?

4 Video in Sales/Marketing Statistics

  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, increasing slightly from 85% in 2020. [hubspot]
  • 78% report that video has directly helped increase sales [weidert]
  • An study saw conversions increase by 400 percent for visitors who viewed videos versus those who did not. [internet retailer]
  • Of 2,000 digital marketers queried, the consensus is that video and other multimedia content are more effective for eCommerce than any other marketing method. [adobe]

Video is critical to winning more deals. If you want to significantly impact more sales, start incorporating more video content in your sales process

Video for Sales to Increase Conversions for Your Sales Reps

Videos Help Sales Reps Win More Deals 

 There are different ways to incorporate videos during sales conversations.

You can send a personal video message to connect with people.

Consider sending related content to the sales pitch.

Product demos can help people understand your products and services. 

  • 65% of senior executives have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video [Vengreso]
  • 52% of consumers say watching videos on products makes them more confident to buy [i7marketing]

Watching a video can make a drastic impact on a person’s willingness to buy a product or service. Potential customers will go on the company’s website after watching a video and make them more confident about purchasing a product. 

Leveraging Hippo Video to Accelerate Personalized Sales Outreach will help you win more deals. They focus predominantly on video campaigns, video selling, and video personalization.

Each video can be automated, recorded, and shared. There are different ways to utilize videos for your sales process. 

Video Sales Campaigns:

Send automated emails, through personalized video campaigns, and get real-time analytics

Video Selling:

Send Personal Videos

Personalized Landing Pages

Sharing Meeting Links Easily

Video Personalization:

Automate the personalization process and have CTAs in the videos for the next steps.

If you are looking to increase the number of deals, you need to start using video.

How WFH is changing Sales Outreach

The Importance of Technology and Personalizing Your Outreach

Everyone is increasingly going more digital. People are bombarded with different content. It’s essential to make an impression on people.

Competitors are increasingly using video to reach their audience.

It’s vital to be able to stay ahead of the competition. Video and personalization are becoming the next fighting ground for engaging with people. 

  • 68% of consumers say the pandemic has impacted the amount of video content they’ve watched online [hubspot]
  • Personalizing your videos can grow your sales by about 20%. [hippovideo]
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates from 7% to 13% [i7marketing]

The WFH movement has only accelerated the need for video content.

People are increasingly spending time watching videos. When you can incorporate video into your sales process, it can increase conversions multiple times. 

Record and Send Personalized Video Emails

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It’s essential to be able to send personalized emails in your prospect outreach campaigns.

Increasingly, emails are going unread. It’s critical to be able to send something that people will engage with. Technology has increased to allow personalized video emails that lead to sales.

You can track and analyze which videos are getting the most attention. will help you set this all up for you. 

How to Record and Send Video Emails?

Get Started within 30 secs

Personalized videos can be a great way to engage with a prospective client. It can be an excellent way to warm up a client for a potential sale. It may get them to understand how it can best fit their own needs. 

  1. Sign Up

    Sign up for and try its 30-day free trial.

  2. Your Personalized Video with email provider

    Upload a video, edit, and integrate your email service provider.

  3. Video Analytics

    Track and analyze the number of views, watch percentage, and more.

  4. Tweak Sales Messaging

    Create another video and optimize it based on your statistics

  5. Close More Sales

    Steadily improve your conversion rates and win more deals

How to create a Sales Funnel with Video Content?

Build Out A Sales Funnel Involving Video Content

Video drastically increases the ability to close more deals.

They help build up your brand, increase relevance, and more engagement.

It’s essential to be able to distinguish your company from other businesses.

Video is a great way to distinguish yourself. 

  • Nearly nine out of ten people report wanting to see more videos from brands in 2021 [Hubspot]
  • Viewing a product video makes it 85 percent more likely the visitor will purchase the product considered [Thegood]

Videos increase the chance that someone will click on your message. It then increases the likelihood that someone will ultimately pay for the product or service.

Look at creating a sales funnel that incorporates videos. 

Hippo Videos’s Integration with Your CRM

Whenever possible, look at integrating the different software to smooth out your sales process.

Hippo Video connects with all the significant CRMs:

Salesforce, Hubspot Marketing & Sales, Pipedrive, and more.

This integration will connect your CRM, email autoresponder, landing pages, and video stats. 

An example of integrating Salesforce with

  • Personalize your videos to Potential Clients.
  • Qualify your leads based on video engagement.
  • Monitor video performance right from Salesforce.

Look at connecting your CRM with

You’ll be able to check the video statistics and overall engagement levels. You can look at pre-qualifying customers by seeing if they even watched the video. 

Leveraging Video Content for More Information

Becoming More Data-Driven – Track Your Numbers

Your ROI is the most crucial aspect of your business.

It’s essential to track your revenue and your expenses. It’s important to have statistics on different parts of your business. By understanding how your customers are engaging with the sales process, you can optimize the parts that need higher conversion rates. 

  • 91% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) believe that successful brands make data-driven decisions. [smallbiztrends]
  • An incremental 241% ROI can be generated by applying data to business decisions. [Forbes]

It’s important to understand where customers are falling off. Some of the places you need to look at are your advertising, email sequence, costs, sales script, booking appointments, and closing rates. Each part has data you can extract from and learn how to make your sales reps win more deals. 

The Importance of Tracking Video Results

Tracking your video results is crucial to see how many people are engaged with your content.

It gives you information about how you should follow up with them.

If a person never clicked on your video, you can follow up with them about checking out the video or summarizing it for them.

Checking how long a potential customer watched your video can pre-qualify your leads. 

  • Check who saw your video. 
  • Check how long they saw your video.
  • Understand how your video can be optimized.
  • Check sales funnels and understand your next steps. 

Your videos can give you vital information on how to proceed with your business. You can look at optimizing your sales funnel, pre-qualify your leads, and testing your best videos. 

A Collection of Video Reviews and Testimonials 

Boosting Conversions and Awareness with Video Reviews and Testimonials

Recommendations online and personal ones have similar results. Having a collection of reviews and testimonials can increase your perception of potential clients. Overall, it will help your sales reps win more deals. 

  • 94% agree that video increases user understanding of their products and services [weidert]
  • 90% of buyers who read positive customer success content claimed that it influenced their purchasing decisions. [wyzowl]

Having other people talk about the benefits of your product or service can help users understand how it can benefit them. Positive customer success content can influence making a purchase decision. When you can showcase video testimonials, it can profoundly impact the number of deals. 

Video Reviews on Landing Pages

One of the best ways to showcase video testimonials is on landing pages which design-wise intuitively allows prospective customers to see the value of your product or service.

It can be an excellent way to showcase multiple video testimonials. It can help boost your overall sales and frame your potential customers with the right mindset. 

  • Create a landing page that you can refer clients over to.
  • The landing page should have a CTA
  • Include different testimonials about your product or service.

By creating a landing page with multiple testimonials, it will help you convert more deals.

Look at having a strong CTA to get people to the next step.

Your CTA can be

  1. scheduling a call,
  2. starting a free trial, or
  3. checking out more content etc.


Videos are essential for increasing the number of deals. Sales reps can leverage video to frame a customer’s mindset before pitching an offer. It’s increasingly important to be able to personalize and track your results.

Check out for all your video needs. You’ll be able to personalize and track everything in regards to your videos.