Why are videos our future: 5 reasons how videos can be helpful

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Did you know what the future of communication is?

It’s videos.

Many people who don’t have time prefer watching videos instead of text or audio. Also, watching videos is faster than reading articles or listening to a podcast.

Let’s try out an experiment:

If you were given three options to understand the topic ‘Technology in education,’ transcript, a podcast and a video. Which one would you prefer?







[su_quote]A single minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words.[/su_quote]


Can’t agree more!

On the flip side, we’ve all heard the saying “content is king” which details the value of text. While written content is functional for many audiences, videos stand out powerfully in enhancing the results along with communication.

According to Cisco, videos will likely to consume 69% of its traffic by 2017. Right now in 2018 videos are everywhere.

But, is a video truly capable of gaining success in all verticals?


Let’s dive in to know why we prefer to watch videos rather read write-ups or listen to podcasts.

Videos save time

It is no secret that reading takes much time than watching a video.

But, how is it helpful?

You can solve your customer’s issues right away by providing a video solution, rather than never-ending chats.

With Hippo Video, you don’t have to be a pro to create videos. All you need to do is Click-Record and Share. Save yourself hours of writing.

Engage and attract viewers

Most of our online activity is spent watching videos, which represents an average person will watch at least 32 videos every month. People who spend time reading tend to lose interest often.

Don’t let that situation hit you.

Videos work amazingly well.

You might be wondering how?

Because, videos help to create interest in your viewers’ and inspire them to take actions, which increases the chances of people buying your products. Read more on how to reduce churn in your customer journey with videos.

Videos facilitate convenience

Most of us will opt for a task that demands less physical and mental effort. It turns out, people are finding videos more comfortable over text or audio, to gain the same objective.

Here’s something we can agree on:

We often prefer to adopt effortless tasks.

But, the strong reason behind why we find videos convenient is, about 90 percent of the information our brains pick up is visual.

Easier to understand

Videos are more interesting and fun. They allow viewers to focus on what you have in store for them, as videos don’t just tell; they show. Videos don’t require much attention to understand, unlike text messages.

Apart from all the above facts, videos help us learn faster. Videos have also greatly increased the opportunity to communicate better. Videos, future of communication, are widely used everywhere for the past few years.

Builds emotional connection

Did you know? Videos engage us on a more intuitive level. Considering emotions run deep, videos help us connect with ideas through visual storytelling. And, the best part is, we’re built to appreciate video in a way we can never appreciate text.


Anything you’d add to the benefits of videos? Let’s hear it!


  • Videos with a play time of maximum 2 minutes will bring the highest engagement.
  • Record relevant information by keeping your audience in mind.
  • Make your videos interesting, fun and clear to understand. Such videos motivate people to watch the complete video.

Go ahead, try Hippo Video for free. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Saketa is a Product Marketer at Hippo Video. She is an aficionado of video selling and an avid listener of true crime podcasts. On the flip side, she enjoys leisurely mornings and adventures.
Saketa Chilukuri

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