The Modern Seller – The 5 Skill Sets You Need for Sales Success with Today’s Customers

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Amy Franko is a top sales leader and the founder of Impact Instruction Group. She has built a successful B2B career in sales with tech giants like Lenovo and IBM and after that she launched an entrepreneurial career with the training company, The impact Instruction Group. She has been named as LinkedIn 2019 Top Sales Voice, her book The Modern Seller is an Amazon bestseller and The Modern Seller is named as top sales book and highly recommended read by selling power.

Amy was featured on our Limitless Webinar series on May 05, 2020.

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Question: What are the capabilities of Modern Seller?

Amy: There are few capabilities that I see when we are able to build these five capabilities. It is going to make us better at our everyday selling activities.They are Accelerated ROI and Decision by committee.

Question: What is the definition of a modern seller?

Amy: A modern seller is someone who was recognized as a differentiator in your client's business. You are seen as someone who makes a tangible difference to their business. You're not just selling a product. You're not just selling a service whatever your particular situation. The mission is you are seen and recognized as a difference-maker in your client's business. 

Question: Can you give us the best advice to sell during complex times? 

Amy: My experience has been any way that people are pretty overwhelmed with email at the moment lots of different emails coming in and especially related to the pandemic that's happening but picking up the phone as a differentiator for me and you know using video email like we've been talking about early on as Hippo shared.

Question: What are the four high impact relationships?

Amy: There are four high impact relationships that you need to build in every prospect in every client opportunity. So I'm going to run through these forms and as I'm running through them. I think about your prospects and clients and where you're strong and where you perhaps have some opportunity to make some improvements with these relationships. 

The first high impact relationship, the second group is your decision-makers, your next high-impact relationship is your center of influence. And then lastly strategic alliances. 

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