Hippo Video Features Update For The First Quarter Of 2018: Here’s What You Missed

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The folks here at Hippo Video have been hard at work, polishing up the existing features to perfection, rolling out new features, attending conferences, events, hosting webinars. Phew!

The conference I am referring to is FETC! This January we showcased Hippo Video to thousands of educators from across the world at FETC. It’s the largest education technology conference in Orlando. What else could be an excellent start to this year?

From the interactions we had with the educators at FETC, we realized that traditional education results in limited engagement and poor learning outcomes. In order to create an engaging and dynamic learning experience for all the students, educators must utilize technology in their classrooms.

Hippo Video is already heeding this call, creating opportunities for educators and students to teach, collaborate and learn with videos.

We didn’t stop there.

We raised our Pre Series A funding from Kae Capital. Commenting on the fundraising, Shubhankar Bhattacharya, Venture Capital, Kae Capital said, “Hippo Video’s value proposition as an all-in, easy-to-use, and highly affordable solution appears to have resonated with its target audience and we see signs of product-market fit being established”.

With a start like that, we were driven to put our growth plan into action. The valuable feedback we got from FETC participation helped us bring the following features in Hippo Video.

  • FB Workplace Integration
  • Gmail Integration
  • Password Protection
  • Video Creation Widget
  • Video Comments
  • Add Notifications
  • Add Reactions
  • Record Without Signing Up

Hippo Video: Quick Bites From Our Recent Updates


Collaborate With Videos Using Our FB Workplace Integration

When people work together, wonders happen. Don’t they? With our FB Workplace integration, you can record, edit and post videos in Workplace directly from Hippo Video. Videos you post appear on the workplace wall or can be shared to a group directly from Hippo Video.

Break the email threads and communicate face-to-face with videos. Record your screen or just the audio and convert them into podcasts. Communicate effectively with your team using videos with Workplace itself. It makes the message look more authentic and real.

Record Quick Videos Inside Gmail

Email hasn’t changed much in recent decades, yet our work is heavily dependent on this channel for communication.

Recent research states that by adding “video” in the subject line, open rates increase by 19%. This proves how much effective videos are in emails.

With our Gmail integration, you can now create and send quick videos via Gmail. Hippo Video is integrated directly into your Gmail workflow: Record videos and share it with your recipients or ask someone to record a video for you by sending them a guest link, instantly.

Integrate Slack With Ease

Slack is a real-time messaging and communication app for teams. Teams who successfully use both Slack and Hippo Video tend to rely on Slack for instant communication. With the Hippo Video and Slack integration, you can share your videos via Slack messages or to a Slack group directly from Hippo Video. Break the email threads and communicate effectively with your team using videos within Slack.


Secure Your Videos With Password

Your privacy matters to us. With Hippo Video, you will now be able to control who sees your videos with important privacy settings. You can get a private video sharing link, password protect your videos or set an expiry date for your videos. Let’s now see the options you get to secure your privacy.

Change The Privacy Setting

Change the privacy settings of your videos and manage who has access to view them.

Give a Password

Secure your videos with a powerful password. This simple feature makes sure that only those with the password can watch the video.

Set an Expiry Date For Your Video

You can remove the video after a particular time frame. Or you can choose to expire the videos instead of deleting once the purpose is solved. Video expiry option allows you to reuse the videos in the future and prevent piracy issues.

Video Creation

Let Anyone Record Videos With Our Video Creation Widget

We want you to experience the joy of creating videos from anywhere. This feature allows you to place the Hippo Video widget anywhere on your website, online forms or help desk with just an embed code. It lets your users record videos and share them with you without leaving your website or help desk.

In support help desk, video creates an engaging and efficient way to handle queries. Videos are the best way to precisely deliver a message online without that message getting lost in translation. It also reduces resolution time because it cuts down on support via telephone and email. And it adds a personal touch in a world of bland support content.

Video for customer support is vital when working on resolving tickets faster and delivering personalized support to show customers you care.

Create GIFs 

We see GIFs everywhere on the internet today, from WhatsApp to professional blogs. A GIF is an endless loop which stops after few series, and it’s predominantly used for any quick expression or explanation. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to convey information through a GIF rather than an image or a video.

With Hippo Video, you can turn your short videos into GIFs. We allow GIFs up to 1-minute length with resolution up to 1080p.

hippo video GIFs creation

Record Videos Without Signing Up

With our newly released guest access feature, anyone can record and edit videos without even signing up. Isn’t that cool?. Users can now get a sneak preview of what Hippo has to offer. If they see the value then they can proceed to Sign Up.


Share Your Thoughts With Video Comments

With Hippo Video you will now be able to collaborate with your viewers through comments. Comments help you and your viewers respond to the videos quickly. Videos help you engage with your audience and comments provide you the opportunity to know your viewer thoughts about your video.

Anyone who can view your video will be able to add a text comment or record a video as a comment to your videos. Your viewers needn’t have to sign up for Hippo Video to comment. Improve your video success rate by continuously engaging your audience. To record videos as comments, all that your viewers have to do is select record and post.

Stay Updated With Notifications

We share videos and engage with our audiences on different platforms these days. To help you keep track of your video engagement activities, we have introduced “notifications” feature.

With Hippo Video, you can now pay close attention to all your video performance activities. All the information and real-time updates about your video will now be sent to you as notifications.

We send daily video activity and keep you updated with all the engagement your video attracts. We send you notifications of how many people viewed your video and when someone leaves a comment or adds a reply to your video.

Express More With Reactions

With Hippo Video’s reaction feature, your viewers will be able to express more and communicate faster with emojis like ‘Upvote,’ ‘Haha,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Wow,’ ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry.’

To react with one of the emoji, all that your viewers need to do is play the video and hover over the video play line which is available just above the field where you play and pause a video. Now, they can choose any one of the emojis displayed. As soon as they select an emoji, it appears on your video at the exact time your user chooses the emojis.

Your viewers needn’t have to sign up with Hippo Video to add an emoji. Anyone who views your video will be able to respond with emojis. When someone reacts to your video, you get updated through notifications.

These are some of the features which we have rolled out during the first quarter. We’re busy at work in rolling out other exciting features next month. Stay tuned. Until then if anything comes up, questions about the new features, high fives or anything at all – comment below or write to us at support@hippovideo.io

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