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Achievements act as reassurances. Although we don’t work specifically toward getting awards, they certainly add to our credibility in the market. 

Most of all, they make us happy and proud of our ability to deliver ease of functioning and happiness to the lives of sales agents and sales leaders worldwide.  

Two recent events in Hippo Video’s corporate profile certainly make us feel proud. 

A few weeks ago, G2 Fall 2020 Grid report chose Hippo Video as a Leader in Video Email and Sales Engagement categories.

This news follows on the heels of our latest funding round. Late in August 2020, Hippo Video raised $4.5M in series A funding round. 

Why Videos?

As the pandemic took over global economies, it halted meetings that used to happen in-person. That took away the advantage of interpersonal connections that sales agents had, thus reducing their ability to establish trust and an emotional connection with their prospects.  

2020 has already seen massive digital transformations worldwide. Organizations have adopted video as a central format of communication.

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Why Hippo Video?

Hippo Video founded in 2016, proved to be a boon especially during the time when everyone is operating remotely. 

While Zoom has several traditional use cases, it is not meant for personalized asynchronous conversations at scale. 

That’s where Hippo Video comes in!

Because of social distancing, in-person conversations are not possible. It’s the perfect excuse for using asynchronous videos for demos, testimonials, and report presentations. 

Sales professionals bridge the gap of human connection using videos to establish a REAL (R – relevant, E – emotionally engaging, A-actionable, L- lively) conversation with prospects. 

According to Karthi Mariappan (CEO at Hippo Video), 

Videos are versatile. They can be a part of any stage of the sales process. They can help engage with more prospects in less time, can be personalized to stand out, can be easily integrated, and work as an excellent metric to track engagement. Through personalized videos created by Hippo video, sales teams can achieve a productivity increase of up to 3x. That is why our customers love Hippo Video

The Fall 2020 Grid Report by G2

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential.

Grid Reports are a registered trademark of G2. They provide a high-level overview of a category on G2, including products with the most satisfied customers and the largest presence in the market. 

In the Fall 2020 quarter, Hippo Video scored 8.9/10 for ease of setup and 9.6 for product direction with high market presence and customer satisfaction. 

This placed us as a “Leader” in Video Email and Sales Engagement categories for the G2 Grid Report in the Fall 2020 quarter.  

We were also named as a Momentum Leader in G2’s Video Hosting and Video CMS categories. 

According to Chris Perrine, G2’s Vice President for the Asia Pacific:

Video is exploding in use, especially in sales, and from Hippo Video’s reviews, we have seen them really delivering for their customers, with 96% saying the product is heading in the right direction.

This doesn’t make us the best, far from it! But it definitely instills confidence in our team that we are doing something right!

We also raised $4.5M in our Series A round

Hippo Video raised $4.5M Series A funding from:

  • Alpha Wave Incubation (AWI) – a venture fund managed by Falcon Edge Capital
  • Exfinity Venture Partners
  • Surge (by Sequoia India) 
  • KAE Capital

This latest round of funds will help us expand our GTM teams. We will also use them to strengthen our engineering team so we can build features for other business functions. 

Videos find a place in almost all business functions. Our CEO and Founder Karthi Mariappan added:

This investment will enable us to explore those horizons

Our focus, so far, has been on sales and personalized video campaigns. While we will continue our work in these areas, we also look forward to enhancing our value proposition in the team collaboration workflow. 

We will further expand our research and engineering teams to bring forth innovations to reduce overall TCO for companies who are betting their success heavily on video adoption. 

This confidence from our investors has given us the mileage to make life better for sales agents and sales leaders worldwide. 

We are truly grateful for the trust of our investors and our customers. 

We look forward to delivering more cutting-edge innovation in the video engagement space over the upcoming quarters!