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Introduction – Increase in the rise of videos

Businesses are constantly competing to develop the most engaging and shareable content, which is, of course, VIDEOS! Video has clearly evolved from something we used to think of as a form of entertainment to a powerful sales conversion tool. It’s been proven time and time again that video is one of the most engaging mediums available.

Koka Sexton of Business2Community says “If you’re not someone I’ve communicated with before or don’t have a connection to, I will probably never see your email”.

Cold emails might have proved to be one of the best ways to sell your products but not anymore. It was only recently that video emails are being used way more than the traditional text emails. People don’t really want to respond to cold emails because they don’t want to connect with strangers by responding to them. Now, how can you enhance your cold emails? You’re probably using video in your emails or as a sales tool, but are you making the most out of your video strategies? Are you using videos in your ABM strategies? If you are not, then you are missing out on something huge.

HubSpot X Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a Personalized Video Distribution Platform. Hippo Video helps businesses to leverage personalized videos and aims to increase engagement by incorporating video content into your ABM strategies. With Hippo Video,  you get real-time notifications and video analytics, through which you can easily gain insights into your videos. This helps you to analyze your video performance and plan your follow-ups accordingly.

Now, the best part is you can integrate your HubSpot account with Hippo Video. Yes, you can now create and send videos through your HubSpot account by integrating with Hippo Video. Once you sign up with Hippo Video and the integration with HubSpot is all set, you can go ahead and start creating videos with Hippo Video. 

Create Engaging Videos

Hippo Video comes with a lot of interesting features such as adding forms, polls, and CTA’s to your video.

Adding forms is an easier way to generate leads from your video. Forms could be as simple as just the first name and company name. Also, you can add HubSpot forms to your videos using Hippo Video’s marketing tools. This way, you can easily get to know a lot of information about your leads and prospects through videos.

Polls can be added to your video to make the video more engaging and to understand your audience better. And then comes the CTA’s. Using CTA’s, you can let your users easily take actions like scheduling a demo. Adding a “book a meeting” button at the end of a video urges your user to schedule a meeting.

These things add a lot of value to the video content that you are sending across to your prospects. Nothing like an engaging video that your prospects cannot ignore! There is more to this but let us dive into how you can work wonders with Hippo Video inside your HubSpot account. 

Personalize User Experience

Personalization has been a top priority for businesses for the past few years.  Personalization is essential for user experience and with intelligent use of data, you can easily create relevant and unique experiences. This can hold the user’s attention longer.

Study says that Businesses that personalize web experiences see an average sales increase of 19%.

Website personalization is taking over the internet. Delivering a personalized website experience for each visitor is considered to be a challenging and time-consuming task. It turns out that with Hippo Video, web page personalization is a walk in the park. And by website personalization, I mean personalized videos in the landing page.

Now, let’s see how it is done. Once you integrate your HubSpot account with Hippo Video, you can easily build personalized videos and personalized landing pages. Not only personalized landing pages but with Hippo Video, you can also create custom URLs for those landing pages too. Your users are delivered personalized landing page and videos with their names and other details personalized. 

A personalized video is always a better way of attracting your users than a paragraph of text on a landing page. Don’t you agree? And this is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd and keep your users engaged with videos.

Define workflow according to video behavior

Now, let’s see how you can define workflows with videos. You know the drill, you need to set up a workflow for every action that your user takes. With Hippo Video and HubSpot integration, you can create and send videos to your users. When you send videos to your users, you can set workflows according to the video’s performance.

Say, if the user watches 80% of the video that you have sent across, you can initiate a follow-up email or video email to urge the user to take the next step. Watching 80% of the video is a huge deal and your user could be interested in exploring your product. This way, it is easier for you to send timely follow-ups to your users and come up with relevant content. Likewise, if the user has not watched your video, you can send across an email with a compelling subject line which will make your user take an action.

With Hippo Video and HubSpot integration, you have an opportunity to personalize the video content based on your user’s interaction with the video. Wouldn’t we all want to know how our users are interacting with our content?



HubSpot with Hippo Video – Highlights

  • Easily create and send videos to your users. Define workflows for each user based on the video performance. 
  • Use videos, track user’s engagement with the videos and take actions accordingly.
  • Deliver personalized experience in your landing page for each user. Help your audience absorb information better through personalized videos rather than text.

Now that you know how to use videos and enhance your ABM process, it is time to get started! Right from gaining your user’s attention to keeping them engaged with videos, Hippo Video guides you throughout your user journey.

With HubSpot and Hippo Video start creating uniquely tailored webpages to your user’s preferences and needs. And don’t forget to track how prospects are engaging with your video content and use the insights to take the next step accordingly. Now, all that you have to do is tie your video strategy (Hippo Video) to your CRM (HubSpot).

Go ahead and start creating amazing videos with Hippo Video!

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