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Email outreach personalization tips to increase response rates

Learn how adding videos to your emails can increase open and response rates.
Santhoshi Natarajan
4 min read

Does Inside Sales work for Fortune 500s

Prakhar Jain has a track record of overachieving quotas (QoQ) consistently from past 5+ years by 200-220%, with a knack of experimenting and converting...
Thilak Gangadhar
26 min read

7 Ideas for Your Outreach Video Strategy

Research shows that communication is a lot more than the words you use. Your body language accounts for 55% of communication as per Albert...
Santhoshi Natarajan
4 min read

How sales and marketing can leverage partnerships

Partnership is an invention of the devil – Russian Proverb On the contrary, we have featured Jason Shugars to talk about how to use...
Thilak Gangadhar
11 min read

6 Benefits of Adding Videos to Your Outreach Sequences

The concept of sales cadences have been around for quite some time since their first recorded usage in 2003 by IBM, their relevance and...
Santhoshi Natarajan
4 min read

A Short Story on Video Selling That Doubled Revenue

The Challenge: Bob, the CEO of a medium-sized software company that had a broad horizontal offering, wanted to double the company’s revenue in comparison...
Santhoshi Natarajan
5 min read

Introducing Limitless – a sales & marketing podcast series…

Listen to Our Pilot Episode Here: Sales and marketing is often a game of learning and experimentation. There is no guarantee that a specific...
Sanjana Murali
1 min read

Hippo Video: A Look Back at 2019 and A…

The life of every startup is a big puzzle. It could be solved only when you are persistent in your efforts and show perseverance...
Karthi Mariappan S
2 min read

Harness The Power of Videos in Event Marketing

Introduction Hello everyone, this is Priya from Hippo Video an online video personalization and distribution platform dedicated to sales. This blog traces my journey...
Priya Vijay
3 min read

Jingle bells, Rudolph tells, Videos all the way!

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of the year where you get all festive and everything around you is merry and bright. This holiday...
2 min read