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Customer Service, the only way to make your customers…

A lot has been spoken about customer service. How good customer service can contribute to revenue, how great customer service can differentiate your company....
Nikhil P
2 min read

What’s the difference between customer success vs customer support?

Did you know “Customer Support” and “Customer Success” are not the same, but work together? This infographic helps you see the difference between Customer...
Sanjana Murali
27 sec read

The Ultimate weapon in the fight against churn –…

  It kills you every time. When a customer cancels your subscription. It rips your heart apart. Why? After all, you had carefully hand...
Nikhil P
6 min read

3 compelling reasons to reshape your customer service process

Customer service is a time consuming, nerve wrecking activity that needs attention and alertness at all and every touch-point.
Nikhil P
2 min read