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Whether you’re in marketing or in sales, you can no longer ignore the use of video to engage with prospects and leads in a more effective way. While you may see merit in using video, you already have enough tools in your arsenal; adding another one to that … well, you don’t really need that, do you?

CRM is one of the most essential software for businesses today and growth is nowhere close to slowing down. In fact, CRM is now at the heart of every business. But what if your CRM could be supercharged with a tool that allows you to communicate with your customers using video in a smart and scalable way? The Hubspot-Hippo video integration does just this. It gives your CRM that extra boost of video power in the form of a robust and flexible tool.

With video becoming more and more important in the marketing and sales process, this integration empowers your reps to do-it-yourself, all in one place. You will see the impact not only on your open rates but also on the engagement and effectiveness of campaigns across the board.

Hippo video integrates with the sales and marketing hub for Hubspot CRM and brings with it a plethora of features and benefits that you’ve been missing.

The Sales Hub Integration

The power of video gives your sales team the ability to interact with customers more efficiently and build relationships that last a lifetime. Combining the agility of the Hubspot CRM with a robust video tool like Hippo video gives you a winning team that helps you grow and close more deals, faster. 

Sending video emails: 

Many studies have shown that video engages prospects in a way that words can not. In fact, adding a video to emails can increase click-through rates anywhere between 200-300%. With this Hubspot video integration, you can send video emails to your prospects from within your CRM at the click of a button. Whether these are one-on-one or bulk video emails, the process is simple. There are tools that can help export data from Hubspot several times faster. 

hubspot video integration

How to do this

All you need to do is log-in to Hubspot, select the name of the prospect or prospects, click on the hippo video icon to record the video, and hit send. Hippo Video is the only video engagement platform that comes with an ‘Edit’ feature which allows you to trim, crop, and resize videos — all of this, without leaving the comfort of your CRM.

This Hubspot video integration also allows you to create and send ‘screen record’ videos to your prospects. Whether it is for outreach, like recording a 1:1 video with your prospect’s LinkedIn profile in the background; or at the proposal stage – walking them through a visual of the contract point-by-point, whilst you are on web camera – the use cases are many and across the entire sales funnel.

With this robust and agile video integration, you can send introductions, proposals, and demos, and keep track, all within your CRM.One of the key highlights of this integration is that you can add videos to your Hubspot sequences as well.

Creating these automated email sequences is a one-time activity that can yield results again and again and keep your prospects engaged without being time-consuming.

Your email cadence is ideally closely interlinked with certain goals, for instance: kicking off a relationship when you are prospecting or building a rapport in the connecting phase.

Customers can see through template emails and adding video can help you stand out and differentiate your triggered emails, combining the ease and effectiveness of automation, without sacrificing the human effect. With the Hubspot-Hippo Video integration, you can easily add a video to match this cadence at every step.

Building trust with personalization: 

Other than integrating video to your email sales strategy, this Hubspot video integration also lets you personalize your video content. Remember, video in sales works because it helps build a face-to-face relationship based on trust and is the next best thing to in-person meetings. So why shouldn’t the experienced be as personalized as possible? This simple tweak in your strategy can go a long way in helping you break out the noise and lets your prospects connect better. 

How to do this

As soon as you record the video, use the ‘Edit’ feature to personalize by adding merge fields. This Hubspot video integration allows you to personalize your video with your prospect’s name, company name, and contact details, and at the same time send the video email to multiple users, scaling it with the benefits of personalization.

What happens when you have more than one piece of video content to share with your prospect?

Hippo Video also lets you create personalized sales pages carrying multiple videos that can be shared with your prospects via email. A sales page lets you add a primary video on top and a carousel of videos as a playlist at the bottom. You can also add case studies or contract pdfs to the sales page as needed. 

Here are a few ideas to include video sales pages in your outreach:

  • Send a prospecting video along with company intro and product demo
  • Share case studies and testimonial videos as a sales page
  • Create walkthrough videos of sales proposal and sales contract
  • Share a series of feature highlight and how-to videos

Keeping up with the KPIs:

Besides the ease of sending the video emails, a huge benefit of this integration is that you never lose sight of the key performance metrics. You don’t have to assume that video emails work – know what works in terms of the content, script, timing – all in real-time.

Get instant notifications inside Hubspot when your video emails are opened or clicked on, tweak your content strategy, call-to-actions, and duration based on hard facts, not fiction. Gain insights about watch percentage, location, and drop-off to make smarter decisions around your business and sales pitch like never before. 

With video analytics available right inside Hubspot, you can:

  • Prioritize which prospects you need to focus on based on their interaction with videos and close deals quickly
  • Save time spent chasing cold leads and focus on prospecting new ones
  • Give real-time feedback to marketing about the lead quality and have them tweak campaigns

Creating automated workflows:

The Hippo video Hubspot integration allows you to automate tasks based on video events that you’ve been tracking. Across various stages of the sales funnel, you can leverage automation to do the following:

  • Set lead status: Open, In progress, Closed
  • Update contact lifecycle stage – MQL, SQL, Opportunity, Customer
  • Add contacts to a specific list
  • Create tasks 
  • Assign a different lead owner
  • Trigger internal email or SMS
  • Trigger external email – follow-ups, meeting requests, reminders, etc.

Increase sales productivity by automating repetitive and redundant tasks. You can trigger the perfect next steps for your users based on events that are relevant to your business, making sure you use your energy where it matters.

The Marketing Hub

Videos are a faster and more effective way of communicating – and marketers all over the world recognize this. Videos also naturally lend themselves as excellent marketing tools as we tend to retain visual information a lot more than textual forms of communication.

The use of video allows marketers to talk about complicated features of a product and service in a more visual and compelling way and convert viewers into customers. 

The Hippo Video integration with Hubspot, allows marketers to share videos with leads via various channels, deliver personalized video content right into their inbox, generate more leads with videos, and track key metrics.

How to do this

Import your marketing videos and have them added to the Hippo Video (cloud) library at the click of a button. From here, marketers can send these videos as emails, share them on social channels, embed them on a landing page, create a video channel, and host it on their website. 

What’s more? Measure the performance of these videos across channels. Pop into Hippo Video analytics to gain insights on video views, plays, watch percentages, and unique views. Understand which videos and channels are performing better with your target audience.

Hippo Video also provides demographic information of the viewers like location, device, video share, and reactions report, etc. This goes a long way in helping you to create and tailor content that resonates with your audience.

Uber-personalization of video emails:

Personalization is power. This Hubspot video integration allows marketers to easily create and send large scale video campaigns to users in a personalized way. From the prospect’s name to contact details, each category is tailored to the segment you want to reach out to, Hippo video does the heavy lifting.

You can take this a notch higher by simply adding a tracking code from Hubspot and pasting it inside Hippo Video. This means that all future communication to the prospect is seamlessly personalized in any video or sales page sent to him.

To top that, when a gated video is sent to that prospect, the form doesn’t show up as the system recognizes the prospect as an existing user. This integration is as committed to maintaining a 360-degree view of your customer, as the CRM itself.

hubspot video integration

Gate videos for lead generation:

A critical and effective lead generation tactic that marketers use is that of “gated content”.. Research shows that 80% of content assets created by B2B marketers in the form of ebooks, case studies, and whitepapers, are gated. This tactic becomes extremely relevant when your goal is conversion. The Hippo Video integration allows you to gate videos by inserting forms created in Hubspot to collect the information.

Here are some examples of the types of video content that can be gated with Hippo Video and Hubspot:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual event videos
  • Case study videos
  • Influencer video content
  • Training videos 

How to do this

Thanks to the seamless integration between Hippo Video and Hubspot, all forms created in the CRM are available at the click of a button. Import the video content into the Hippo Video library and insert the lead generation form created in Hubspot. What’s even better, as soon a lead fills up the form in the video, the details are automatically sent back to Hubspot and added as a prospect in the CRM.

So what are you waiting for? Combine the power of these two robust tools and supercharge your sales and marketing efforts today.

hubspot video integration