Selling to the Top: Proven Formulas and Hacks Every Sales Rep Should Know (with Steve Hall, Executive Sales Coach)
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About the speaker

Steve Hall

Steve Hall

Executive Sales Coach

Steve Hall is Australia's leading 'C' level sales authority. The popular executive sales coach is also called the Devil's Advocate. He is Listed in Top Sales World's "Top 50" Keynote Speakers 2020.

After 15 years in IT support, project management, program management, professional services management and marketing management, then 17 years selling high value software & services (over $100 million in 26 countries on 6 continents)

Currently, he is the Managing Director at ā€˜Cā€™ Level Sales Authority.

Podcast description

Hey Limitless Listener,

Tune in for another exciting podcast on selling to the sales executives, featuring Steve Hall, Australia's Leading 'C' Level Sales Authority.

Look out for these key takeaways:

Ways to find the customer who has a need for what you sell

The importance of speaking in your customer's language

Speaking the customer's language does not mean communicating in the same language. Why?

C-suit sales meetings are all about ideas - How prepared is your sales team to deliver?

Building from the small: How to keep the expectations from both parties inline

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