Modern-Day Skills That Every Salesperson Should Master for a Successful Sales Career
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About the speaker

Evan Knox

Richard Harris

Founder at the Harris Consulting Group

Richard Harris is Salesforce's Sales Leader to Follow for 2021 and 2022 and a 5-time AAiSP Top Sales Leader. Richard teaches revenue teams how to earn the right to ask questions and which ones to ask when.

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Podcast description

Importance of personal branding

How is each salesperson a brand in themselves?

Making prospects fall in trust with you

Respect contract (respect for your prospects’ time, being able to point them in the right direction, even if it’s somewhere else)

The importance of forecasting and setting realistic goals

Get rid of ‘maybes’ in the pipeline. Go only after leads that’ll contribute to revenue. Less pressure and more focus on quality leads

Align goals from the top-down

Understand tools like CRM, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Grammarly

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