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About the speaker

Michael Muhlfelder

Michael Muhlfelder

VP of Sales at Jitterbit

Michael Muhlfelder, VP of Sales at Jitterbit, is a sales leader with over 25 years of B2B selling and sales management experience across all verticals and company sizes. His expertise spans across cloud computing, sales strategy and process, building/rebuilding and re-engineering hybrid sales teams to take advantage of disruptive technologies and low friction sales models.

Podcast description

Tune in for a replay version of the interview with Michael Muhlfelder, VP of Sales at Jitterbit.

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Effective tips to build your sales career brick-by-brick

Work ethics of a salesperson

Enterprise sales: Why it is a nightmare for many salespeople out there

Important sales hacks you wish you knew before

Dealing with the long sales cycles: Is it a win or lose?

Along with Michael, we have interviewed 18 sales thought leaders.

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