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About the speaker

Ravi Trivedi

Ravi Trivedi

Founder and CEO at PushEngage

Ravi Trivedi is the Founder and CEO of PushEngage, a leading platform for Browser Push Notifications with customers in 150+ countries. With 22+ years of profound experience in business development and customer engagement, Ravi features on various podcast channels, webinars and on conferences about customer acquisition, growth hacking, and customer engagement.

Podcast description

Here are some of the questions that were asked during the podcast.

Reasons why companies should leverage push notifications

Ways B2B businesses could benefit from push notifications

Is it good practice for B2B to send push notifications?

Types of Push Notifications Campaigns B2B businesses can leverage on

Notifications that are interesting, entertaining, and converting

Best metrics to track push notifications

Strategies to craft a great push notification

Common mistakes that marketers make while sending push notifications

Industries that have managed to gain a foothold using push marketing over time

The future of push notifications. Is it here to stay?