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Edit videos like editing docs with AI Editor

Say goodbye to the tedious traditional video editing tools and methods. Create professional-looking sales videos in a few clicks with our AI video editor.

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Editing videos has never been this simple—just four simple steps


Select a video and launch AI Editor, which automatically transcribes the audio into text.


Simply delete the corresponding text to get rid of filler words and other unneeded video parts.


Maximize viewer engagement by adding titles, lower thirds, interludes, and end cards—in just a few clicks.


Bingo! Your pro-like edited video is ready to be sent. And the best part is zero editing experience is required.

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With our patent-pending AI technology, go from record to finish in minutes

Create professional-looking videos in no time


Auto-remove filler words in the video in one go with the click of a button. Scale your video efforts seamlessly with minimal retakes and shorter editing cycles.

Make video-viewing delightful


Engage viewers by adding attention-grabbing titles, lower thirds, interludes, and transitions in minutes by simply entering the corresponding text

Quickly extract video snippets or summaries


Auto-generate video summaries or customize their length and content as desired. Plus, you can also create video snippets from a long video and use them in multiple ways—without technical dependencies.

Optimize viewership with chapters


Segment your video into small chapters and bookmark them with an individual preview. This way, the viewers can skip the unnecessary part of the video and dive straight into their favorite part.

Create professional-looking videos in no time

Perfect your videos with precision, and do it
at speed using AI Editor.

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