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Grow Your Hospitality Business With Hippo Video

The ultimate video solution designed to transform your hospitality business and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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How Hippo Video can help you

Drive Bookings, Delight Guests, and Boost Revenue

With Hippo Video’s comprehensive suite of tools and integrations, create, personalize, edit and share impactful videos at scale in minutes. While your videos help you drive more guest engagement and bookings, we help you stay productive and profitable—it’s a deal.

Personalized Hospitality Video

Maximize bookings and revenue with videos

Tell your brand story, demonstrate social proof, or give a property tour with a visual appeal

Engaging Property Tours

Immerse your prospects in virtual property tours, bridging the gap between online search and real-world experiences. Seamlessly combine multiple property images into captivating videos that showcase your unique offerings and ambiance. Elevate the customer experience and expedite bookings.

Video Platform for Hospitality
Personalized Video for Hospitality

Virtual Venue Evaluations

Bridge the online-offline gap and help planners realize their vision down to the finest detail virtually. Easily transform your floor plans into immersive, photorealistic, and interactive virtual tours. Empower planners to explore the space, witness changes in real- time, and make instant decisions on how the venue will look.

Proposal Walkthroughs

Effortlessly present your proposal to the event planners or guests via a quick screen-share video. Guide potential prospects visually through every aspect of the proposal, highlighting key details such as accommodations, dining options, amenities, pricing, and packages. Ensure that no important information is overlooked during their decision-making process.

Video Proposal with Hippo video
Grow Your Hospitality Business With Hippo Video

Guest Testimonial Videos

Build trust and credibility with authentic guest testimonials. Collect video testimonials from satisfied guests and share their positive experiences and recommendations. These testimonials can be showcased on your website, social media, and other marketing channels, strengthening your reputation and attracting new guests.

Discover how videos can optimize your overall engagement process, driving more reservations and bookings.