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Video Creation Made Simple With
Template Builder

SaIes still sending boring, canned prospecting emails that get moved straight to spam? With ‘Template Builder,’ you can create personalized, humanized video emails that look professionally done.

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How Template Builder Works

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Create Templates With Template Builder

Admins can create brand-approved video templates and personalize them for effect—all in two minutes or less.

  • Set an intro and outro by recording/importing a video/image
  • Allow the user record a personalized video
  • Add Music
  • Place it inside a personalized sales page
  • Send it out one or many prospects at a time

Using Template Builder

Pull pre-recorded brand videos (product demos, season greetings) and add quick snippets to put together personalized videos.

  • Pick a template - with preset intro and outro
  • Add your personalized video
  • Change music/sales page
  • Send it to prospects
  • Send it out one or many prospects at a time
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Do More with Template Builder

  • Personalized video messages

    Create a 1:1 introduction video for a new customer or send a demo to a ten-member team in less than 10 seconds.

  • Personalized sales pages

    Embed your videos in personalized landing pages along with interactive elements to double prospect engagement.

  • Add background music

    Add background music/ audio narration to your entire video. An in-built fader will help control the music volume throughout your video.

  • Consistent messaging

    Ensure brand consistency - in fonts, logos, background color, etc - with brand-specific guidelines for all videos.

Use Videos to Optimize Your Sales Workflows

  • Close more prospects

    Using advanced video analytics, qualify leads based on engagement with sent videos and push them down the sales funnel.

  • Optimize Productivity

    With editable templates, save time in recreating prospecting or hand-off videos and watch your sales productivity soar.

  • Create with Ease

    No video editing skills? That’s fine. No technical skills required to create and edit videos.

  • Ad-free Videos

    Make impactful videos and drive the message home without disturbing ads in-between.

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