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Introduce CSM Flow

Make account handoffs from a sales rep to a CSM a smooth transition for customers with an introductory video.

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  • Overview
  • Why send a CSM introductory video
  • When to use the ‘Introduce CSM’ video flow
  • How to use the ‘Introduce CSM’ video flow
  • Introduce CSM video script


Ditch the run-of-the-mill, customary email and choose the "Introduce CSM Video Flow" when a customer transitions from a sales representative to a Customer Success Manager (CSM). This adds a human touch and helps create an instant bond between the customer and their CSM, while also helping them feel valued from the very beginning.

Why send a CSM introductory video

When a prospective customer is converted into a paying customer, there is often an account handoff from the sales rep they were acquainted with to their new CSM. This transition can be just as important as the sale itself as it can make or break a deal.

This means introducing customers to their CSM in a way that allows for a more personal connection—rather than simply sending out an email explaining who they'll be working with.

Video introductions provide customers with an opportunity to learn more about the CSM's qualifications, experience, and expertise to build familiarity and establish the base for a smoother engagement. Additionally, it also helps in relaying vital information like communication accessibility between both parties, time-to-resolution, and more effectively. Proactively answering these questions makes customers secure regarding the fulfillment of their requirements during the instance.

When to use the ‘Introduce CSM’ video flow

We highly recommend using this ‘Introduce CSM’ flow immediately after the deal is closed and the client is ready for onboarding. Here the sales rep can make a quick sales-to-success handoff video and create a personalized sales page for the client with the introductory video from the CSM and other documents and collateral to start preparing for the onboarding.

How to use the ‘Introduce CSM’ video flow

This video flow is as straightforward as it can be.

Firstly, the sales rep can either record a video or upload a pre-recorded video to notify the sales-to-success handoff and also introduce the CSM, outlining their experience and interesting facts about them.

In the next slide, they can add a pre-recorded video from the CSM formally introducing themselves to the customer. This could be an excellent opportunity for the CSM to showcase their personality and willingness to make this engagement a success for the customer. They can notify the customer about the introductory email they will receive from their email ID near the end.

In the last slide, the sales rep can assure the customer that they'll periodically touch base and see how things are going. They can end with a video, a gratitude note, and other connection details showcasing their availability when needed.

Introduce CSM video script

Hi {{prospect’s first name}},

Welcome to {{sender’s company name}}! We couldn't be more excited to start working with you. I’d like to take a minute and introduce you to your Customer Success Manager, {{CSM Name}}.

{{S/he}} has extensive product knowledge about our platform and also our customers enjoy working with {{he/r}}, so you're in good hands here. {{S/He}} will ensure you're successful and hit all of your goals using {{product purchased}}.

That said, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll remain involved and periodically check-in with {{CSM Name}} during onboarding and beyond. Stay tuned for an email from her/him. In the meantime, check out a quick video attached below from {{CSM Name}}.

Welcome, once again! Bye.