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Personalized LinkedIn video Background

Enhance your sales cadences with personalized videos featuring prospect’s LinkedIn profile as scrolling video backgrounds for increased engagement and response rates.

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  • Overview
  • Why use Personalized LinkedIn Video Background for prospecting?
  • When can you leverage Personalized LinkedIn Video Background?
  • How to use the Personalized LinkedIn Video Background ?
  • Prospecting video script


Deliver an engaging and tailored experience on a larger scale with personalized videos in your sales cadences. With a single video recording and a few simple clicks, effortlessly generate personalized videos for each prospect, featuring their LinkedIn profiles as dynamic scrolling video backgrounds. Capture their attention, foster trust, and achieve heightened engagement within your sales cadences through the power of personalized videos.

Why use Personalized LinkedIn Video Background for prospecting?

Personalization at scale: Bid farewell to the days of individually recording personalized videos for each prospect. Achieve personalization at scale with ease, boosting engagement without sacrificing productivity, maintaining authenticity, and establishing stronger connections.

Stand out from competition: Differentiate yourself from other sales reps who rely on generic mass outreach. Instead, adopt a distinctive approach by harnessing the power of personalized videos in your sales efforts. This way, you can captivate prospective clients, forge meaningful connections, and secure those wins.

Boost Engagement: Transform emails in your sales cadence into captivating attention magnets. With video thumbnails showcasing prospects' LinkedIn profiles as scrolling backgrounds, you're guaranteed to pique their curiosity and drive clicks. Increase your chances of securing valuable meetings and eliciting responses.

Engage efficiently: Automate the process of generating personalized videos at scale for various prospects from a single video and incorporating them into your sales cadence. Save significant time and effort and crush those sales goals with ease and efficiency.

When can you leverage Personalized LinkedIn Video Background?

  • LinkedIn prospecting: Craft compelling personalized videos for your LinkedIn InMails and DMs to showcase your authentic efforts to engage with prospects.
  • Cold emails: Turn mass cold emails into warm conversations with personalized videos in it. With prospect’s LinkedIn profile in the video thumbnail, grab their attention and drive more click rates and responses.
  • Sales Cadences: SDRs, BDRs, and ISRs can seamlessly incorporate these personalized videos into their existing sales cadences within platforms such as Salesloft, HubSpot, Outreach, Pipedrive, and more. Additionally, AEs can also harness the power of personalized videos to engage prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Hippo Video gives you insights into how each of your personalized video is performing in real-time and access to critical information such as viewer details, key video performance metrics, shares, to plan your follow-ups effectively.

How to use the Personalized LinkedIn Video Background ?

Experience the simplicity of creating eye-catching personalized videos without breaking a sweat. In just under 3 minutes, you can generate hundreds of unique videos, each personalized with your contacts' LinkedIn profiles as the video background from a single video.

  • Record: Record a video where you introduce yourself and mention how you came across their LinkedIn profile. Discuss a recent post they shared or highlight a common connection to ensure authenticity. Clearly explain the purpose of your outreach and how your solution can benefit them.
  • Personalize: Once you have finalized the video, enter your prospects’ names, their email addresses, and their respective LinkedIn profile URLs. You can also upload a CSV file containing the details mentioned above.
  • Send: Once the personalized videos are generated, you can send these personalized videos in 2 ways:
    1. 1-to-1: Click on copy link and paste them in your email or LinkedIn DMs to send the videos manually one by one to a small set of prospects.
    2. Hippo Video Campaign: You can upload a CSV file (with all required fields) to the Hippo Video platform and send it as a campaign.

Automate: Harness the full potential of this feature and achieve your desired outcomes by integrating it into your existing sales cadence. Simply set it up once, and be rest assured that all prospects enrolled in your cadence will receive personalized videos automatically.

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Prospecting Video Script


This is {{Rep name}} from {{Company Name}}

Your LinkedIn profile caught my attention, and I must say I'm impressed with the content you share. Your posts are insightful and thoughtfully crafted.
(or) Congratulations on your recent promotion.
(or) {{Mutual connection name from company}} suggested I get in touch with you.

We’ve helped a lot of {{job title}} like you increase {{KPI 1}} & {{KPI 2}} using {{your product/platform}}.

And what sets our platform apart is the ability to {{Key differentiators 1, 2 & 3}}.

Is this something that interests you?

Go ahead and pick a time from the link below. I’m excited to show you how our product can help you {{Top KPI}}.

Talk soon!