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Post-meeting Follow-up Flow

Summarize important details from your meeting with prospect/customer and inform them on the next steps and meeting dates via a short creative video.

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  • Overview
  • Why to send a video follow-up
  • When to use the Post-meeting Follow-up Flow
  • How to use the Post-meeting Follow-up Flow
  • Post-meeting Follow-up Video Script


Instead of a tedious laundry-list email, record a quick recap video to sum up your meeting discussions and expectations for next steps. This can be a great opportunity to humanize communication, establish trust with your prospects, and stand out from the competition. Along with this, add supporting assets to impart more information.

Why to send a video follow-up

Post-meeting follow-ups are like extensions of meetings and are a great opportunity to thank your prospects, refresh what was discussed, and add value to your business relationship.

It's a great way to establish trust and let your prospects know that you’ve understood their pain points and have an appropriate action plan to solve them. And using video to convey this to your prospects helps with a higher retention rate than long text emails. Videos also facilitate building connections with stakeholders who were not present in the meeting and keeping them in the loop on the deal's progress.

When to use the Post-meeting Follow-up Flow

A simple answer to this is "every time you have had a meeting with prospects or customers." Even the most attentive people tend to forget what was said or discussed in the meeting. But sending a follow-up video not only refreshes their memory but also solidifies the important details of the call. So sending them while the discussion is fresh in everybody’s mind is better.

How to use the Post-meeting Follow-up Flow

Just as it is extremely effective, post-meeting follow-up flow is super-simple to use too. To send to your prospects, you can either record a webcam video or import a previously recorded video. Apart from recapturing the discussed points and next steps, use Hippo Video’s "screenshare and webcam" recording option to add supporting resources or mini-demo videos as part of your post-meeting follow-up to give your prospects a clear picture of your offerings.

You can close the video with an appropriate CTA, which ensures that you and your prospect are on the same page and have a smooth transition at every stage.

Post-meeting Follow-up Video Script

Hi {{prospect’s first name}},

Thanks for chatting with me today. I appreciate your time!

Here’s a quick recap of what we talked about {{point out 1-3 key challenges that the prospect mentioned which your product solves}}. And, the list of action items are attached below this video. Please take a look.

On our next call we’ll discuss {{mention key topic of discussion for the next meeting}}.

Here are a few time slots for our next meeting, simply select your convenient day and time, I’ll shoot an invite immediately. If not, you can also choose a day and time from my calendar link below.

Also, let me know if anyone else will be joining the call and what they will be discussing.

Thanks and have a great day.