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Video Sandwich Flow

Seamlessly stitch pre-recorded company videos with personalized intros and outros and create a unique video experience for each of your prospects.

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  • Overview
  • Why to use the Video Sandwich flow?
  • When to use the Video Sandwich flow?
  • How to use the Video Sandwich flow?
  • Video Sandwich Script


If you want to quickly personalize a video for your prospect or stitch multiple videos into one, then our video sandwich flow is what you need. Simply opt for one video per slide from your repository—or even record a unique video to go with a particular slide—and combine them together to make one complete video in just minutes.

Why to use the Video Sandwich flow?

Creating videos from scratch every time for every single prospect can be an extremely taxing process. After all, much of the video content will be similar across prospects in a segment, so recording the same message again and again for minimal tweaks is not a smart choice. That's why utilizing a video sandwich flow is an ideal way to personalize video as well as be productive.

This video flow breaks the video into three different slides, so users can either insert a pre-recorded video or record a new video per slide and combine them to create one complete video. This helps you craft custom videos without having to break a sweat, thus maximizing your productivity.

The video sandwich flow also helps you think more strategically about how you can re-use existing video assets, which is especially helpful if you're short on resources or have little experience creating videos from scratch.

When to use the Video Sandwich flow?

The video sandwich can be used at various sales stages. From putting together a quick demo video, tailoring account-based marketing pitches, or stitching multiple explainer videos into one, the use cases are endless.

How to use the Video Sandwich flow?

To create a video sandwich, start by recording an introduction for the prospect, addressing them by their name. You can then add a pre-recorded video showcasing your product or service and explaining its features in more detail. As in the final slide, you have several choices; either use a pre-recorded video again or insert a personalized thank-you note along with actionable CTAs, encouraging them to take an appropriate action.

To ensure your video looks professional, you can add images, quickly trim or edit it, add effects, or even insert background music. A quick tip: generate a preview of the entire template before sharing it with prospects to make sure everything is in place.

Video Sandwich Script:

Hi {{prospect’s first name}},

Intro - This is {{sender’s name}} from {{sender’s company}}. I see that you’re working with {{prospect's company}} as their {{role}}.

I’m sure {{prime goal of the role}} and we can help you do that by {{benefit 1}} and {{ benefit 2}}.

Demo Pitch - For more information take a look at this quick product overview video {{add a pre-recorded product demo video}}

Outro - {{Add customized pointers from the conversation with the prospect and the solution offered}}

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks so much for watching!