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Go from Text to Video in minutes!

Unleash the power of AI Avatars to elevate your content game

Make Sales Teams Effective (And Productive) With Videos

The ONLY sales engagement platform to help you start, scale, iterate, automate, track video efforts in sales and marketing cadences

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It’s the Ferrari of Video Email

Hippo Video is more than the Swiss knife for video email. It has numerous features that far exceed other platforms that are out there. The campaign module, multiple folders where you can customize videos, and the advanced video editing tools were all crucial to me.

Richard Darrell,

Region Director, (Ohio. Florida), Intrado Corporation

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An interactive video engagement platform for your entire organisation


Traditional spray-and-pray approach (bulk emailers, cold emails) doesn't work anymore.

Using personalized interactive videos in your email outreach and prospecting, you can initiate a positive, personable conversation with intros/outros that look professionally done.

[Bonus] Access to Tibor Shanto's "Voicemail+ Program" to convert better on first-time outreach

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Account Executives

Your prospects get tons of pitches everyday. Stand out.

Create a personalized product demo or automate your follow-ups with video emails. Use pre-set video templates to 'stitch' personalized videos that look professionally done

Access to Jeffrey Gitomer's sales video training module

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Email is a great channel for leadgen. Video emails are even better.

Put out demandgen content that converts

Track engagement on published videos to guage user intent and build (automated) nurturing video cadences


How do you create 100
different prospecting videos?

Easy. You create ONE.

Have you met… Humanize AI?
Use your favorite prospecting video as a template and generate infinite versions for new conversations, each personalized from text. Use for ‘1-to-many’ personalized video messaging.

Talk to 100s of customers, at once. Do leadgen, prospecting, holiday greetings, employee engagement with messages that look



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Adopt and Scale Video Efforts

Sending simple point-and-shoot video emails is not enough. Go from “Video Aware” to “Video Productive” Adopt videos everywhere in your sales messaging. Our automation capabilities will help.

What is Video Aware Vs Video Productive
Video Aware
Regular, point and shoot video messages
One-way communication. Viewer can only watch
First name personalization
Sender decides video flow & content
Limited viewer action - Book demo or CTA
No way to collect feedback
Time-consuming video creation
Complete user intent is not captured With video opens & views
Video Productive
Engaging, personalized & interactive videos
Two-way interactions. Viewer can interact - click on a link, submit a form or fill out a poll
Entire video is contextually personalized
Viewer decides video flow
Unlimited viewer interactions are possible
Viewer can provide inputs & feedback to the sender
Faster video creation with templates, integrations & AI video tools.
Complete user intent is captured with CTRs on Interactive elements combined with video views

Fully capable iOS, Android and Desktop Apps help you create, share and track efforts on-the-go, 24-hour LIVE support, worldwide, Extensive knowledgebase covering all aspects of video


Iterate and Repurpose Video Content

Reuse video content in different formats and contexts

Send and track videos for reachouts, demos, proposals, follow-ups, contract walkthroughs, holiday greetings, monthly reports.
There’s literally no limit on types or formats of video content you can do. Templacized video creation flows help you create and
send video emails in 2 minute or less.

20+ templates to get you started, including one you can send to your churned customers.


Ensure real viewer engagement

Capture real prospect intent with action focused CTAs, inside your videos. Add forms, polls, surveys, links and inspire your audience to not just watch, but take action on your efforts.

But engaging users is not enough. Not until you can track audience interest


Every user action accounted for;
Every sales effort measured!

Track audience behavior in detail. Emails they opened, videos they watched, video % consumed, what videos work.

Measure sales productivity. Analyze your or team’s sales activities with advanced team reports

Get reports synced to your Marketing or Sales CRMs

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