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Hippo Video - Freshsales Suite Integration

Empower your sales and marketing teams with videos inside Freshsales Suite. Leverage personalized videos across all stages of the customer journey to engage, nurture, and connect better.

Connect better and build trust with video emails. Increase email responses by 300%

Sales reps can quickly record their message as a video instead of a long text email and share it with one or many prospects directly from Freshsales Suite. Users will also be able to trim video, add text and links to the calendar without leaving Freshsales Suite

Pursue the right leads with precise follow ups; close deals 40% faster

Hippo Video provides real-time notifications as soon as a prospect engages with a video, enabling sales reps to immediately follow up with the right action. You can also measure overall performance of videos and optimize outreach, all inside Freshsales Suite

Deliver personalized video experiences at scale. Delight prospects at all stages

Marketers can turn every touchpoint impactful, drive higher open and click rates with videos that are automatically personalized for each prospect. Adding videos at key touch points in drip campaigns & Journey emails help nurture leads effectively while saving time and increasing productivity

Engage visitors like never before & generate more leads

Embed videos in landing pages in a few simple clicks. Increase time on page with videos, gate them with forms to generate qualified leads, leading to higher conversions

Integrate Hippo Video with Freshsales Suite today

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