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  • Hippo Video is the best video platform for Sales. Ease of use and distribution to social media; ability to attach supporting documents in a learn more slider below the video; sales landing pages are excellent. Integration with our email marketing platform is also seamless. Customer support is also excellent and accessible. Customization optionts are good. Pricing is reasonable. More personal and effective engagement with potential contacts and customers. Click Throughs have dramatically improved and sales are up as a result of the platform.

    Rob K

    CEO, Kurz Solutions
  • I like the user interface, simple to navigate. The short and impactful sales training videos from sales legend learn more Jeffrey Gitomer makes this a no brainer tool to use for your outreach communication and sales efforts. The ease of recording and uploading videos is also nice. Differentiating myself from the competition is the main benefit. Video email and video messaging is the future and Hippo Video is at the front of this trend. When clear communication is a must, video email is the catalyst.

    Joe S

    Social Media Speaker & Trainer
  • Not being charged per video is very nice. I would say go ahead and give it a try! They have a free trial and learn more I think you will be pleasantly surprised with all the functionality

    Aaron F

  • It is very easy to use and integrates well with my Outlook and LinkedIn. You can create videos straight learn more out of e-mail and LinkedIn without having to record first and attach the video. I also like the GIF function as it gets attention. Allows me a new way of engaging customers that gets through the clutter. I am getting far more responses because of the video.

    Tim K

    Trainer & Coach
  • Hippo Video is the most competitive application in terms of quality - price we found while researching learn more solutions that would allow us to personalise video email campaigns. It integrates with a myriad of marketing automation software solutions (Marketo and Pardot included) in a seamless way (just generate a piece of code and paste it in your email template). Hippo Video has a lot of functionalities that we consider really valuable, like the ability to dynamically insert personalised fields within the video content and in the thumbnail, embedded lead capture forms, CTAs, annotations and more. We love working with Hippo Video because it covers all our needs and it is a versatile and user-friendly tool. The support and account management teams are very responsive and friendly and take the time to cover any questions that arise, often times going the extra mile and suggesting themselves to help with the implementation.

    Cynthia P

    Demand Generation Specialist
  • Great tool to create and edit my videos I liked that I have the ability to record directly from my learn more out webcam, make a screenshot and audio and at the same time edit it. all in a very simple and practical interface. Hippo Video generates a link that can be shared.I also get detailed information about who is watching my video and how they are reacting to the video.

    Francisco S

    Graphic Designer
  • Hippo Video has the features that I have been looking for in a cloud based video platform for sales. I love Hippo Video!

    Luis Muniz

    Co-Founder, FunnelWave Consulting
  • It's a Game Changer in sending emails to current and new clients. If my competition is sending in a boring old email proposal and learn more I'm sending one using Hippo, I know who's going to get noticed!!!. Well Done Hippo it's a Game Changer.

    James Mileham

    Content Creation Manager, Curtis Gabriel

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