Video Campaigns for Sales and Marketing Teams

Go from Text to Video in minutes!

Unleash the power of AI Avatars to elevate your content game

Video Campaigns to engage & nurture prospects at scale

Skyrocket email responses & click-throughs with hyper-personalized videos.

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Campaigns for everyone in your team

  • BDRs/SDRs

    Reach prospects at scale by adding videos to your automated cadences


    Share micro demos, contract & proposal walkthrough videos with multiple prospects at once


    Generate more qualified leads by embedding videos in your email campaigns

Boost engagement by 3x with Video Campaigns

Delight your audience with personalization

Personalize multiple elements
within the same video

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  • Text

    Personalize videos, thumbnails & sales pages with your prospects name, company name or any other custom text fields

  • Image

    Show customized plans, deals or recommendations via images to your customers or prospects

  • Graph

    Show data & insights that are relevant to each prospect through personalized graphs & charts

  • CTAs

    Nudge different personas in your audience to the next stage with custom CTAs that appeal to them

  • Website

    Create personalised website simulations or demos for prospects at the click of a button

  • Audio

    Add a human touch & turn your outreach truly personal with audio personalizations


Send video campaigns from your favorite tools without switching or leaving

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Video Campaign Features

  • Personalisation

    Add prospect's info to your videos & sales pages at the click of a button. Make your campaigns look like personal outreach.

  • Template Builder

    Create new videos at scale by automatically stitching existing videos with newly recorded intros.

  • Tracking & Analytics

    Track video views, plays, clicks, avg. watch rate etc., in real-time. Qualify your leads better, plan timely follow-ups and move them through the funnel faster.

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