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Impactful for reaching prospects quickly and we can make it very personalized!

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2020 State of Video & Interactive Content Report

The way to effectively engage with your audience is changing. Salespeople are now leveraging simplified, personalized video & interactive content to effectively engage target audiences.
Specifically, video and interactive content have become popular formats to engage buyers. Research from Demand Gen Report revealed:
  • 47% of Millennial buyers prefer webinars and video content
  • 65% of B2B buyers have engaged with videos during their buying process
  • 34% prefer more interactive content
Take a look at the report for specific insights and tactics modern sales people are employing in their video and interactive efforts.
What else is in this report?
  • How providing buyers with choices increases video and interactive content engagement
  • The importance of personalizing your sales content for demand gen and ABM strategies
  • The impact of simplified video and interactive content
  • Trending video and interactive content formats

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