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Your video co-pilot! Enter your script & instantly create videos featuring digital presenters.

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With our AI-powered technology, sales reps can quickly create and share personalized videos at scale at every stage of the cycle - all without having to hit 'record' multiple times. Unlock efficiency and get a head start on boosting engagement today!

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Deliver personalized video experiences at scale with AI

Deliver personalized video experiences at scale with AI

With Humanize AI, you can generate 100s of personalized videos unique to each recipient from a single video recording.

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Streamline video creation & enhance productivity with Video Flows

  • Utilize ready-made templates to swiftly produce videos for various scenarios or sales stages. Minimize the time required to create videos from scratch.
  • Generate tailor-made videos by merging personalized intros with marketing or pre-recorded videos. No need for repetitive recording.
  • Personalize one video for multiple prospects with dynamic backgrounds - save 90% of the time and effort typically required.
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Interactive videos are the new norm

Conventional Videos

Users can only watch. 1-way communication

First name personalization

Sender decides video flow & content

Sales & Marketing Video 2.0

Viewer can actively engage with the video.

Video can be contextually personalized

Viewer decides video flow

Supercharge engagement with videos across the customer journey

Provide a delightful & engaging buying experience for your prospects with contextually personalized videos at every stage.

Video for
Video for Marketing
Video for Support & Success

Iterate and Repurpose Video Content

Reuse video content in different formats and contexts

Send and track videos for reachouts, demos, proposals, follow-ups, contract walkthroughs, holiday greetings, monthly reports. There’s literally no limit on types or formats of video content you can do. Templatized video creation flows help you create and send video emails in 2 minute or less.

20+ templates to get you started, including one you can send to your churned customers.

Gartner lists 'Video Messaging' as critical sales technology for successful pipeline generation in The Tech Stack for Pipeline Growth report.